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Great contribution to spreading reading culture in community

(BGO) - Tang Thi Phuong Mai, a student of class 8A, Tan Tien junior high school won the first prize at the “Ambassador of Reading” contest organized by Bac Giang Library in late March after passing nearly 28,000 entries of the contestants in the province. 

After the contest was launched at her school, Phuong Mai enthusiastically attended. “As I found the topic interesting, I spent time doing the test”, said Mai. Mai carefully prepared for the 7-page paper in both content and design.

At the question asking contestants to create a story or poetry encouraging people to read, Mai wrote a story about the ignored books and their journey to find right owners who can respect and use them effectively.

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Director of the provincial Library Nguyen Dac Hong gives the first prize to Tang Thi Phuong Mai. 

Mai shared, she found some people especially students not respect or protect books. Hence, she tried putting herself into a position of the ignored books to call for the attention of the community to reading culture.

In line with creating the story, Mai drew an illustration for her entry with the pictures of sad books as being thrown away, young students reading books at the schoolyard or the book on the journey finding its owner and its pleasure to see the right owner respecting it.

In the answer to the question about the plans and methods to encourage her friends and more people to read books, Mai called the students to read books at the libraries, share and exchange with each other so that the books become really useful. She expected this contest would help people pay more attention to reading books.

According to her mother Tran Thi Thao, a teacher of Geography at Tan Tien junior high school, Mai shows great interest in reading books and studying while proactively takes part in the contests of culture and history. She often looks for the books at the library for learning purpose. Mai has won the titles of excellent students since she was in grade 1. In recent two years, she has been a member of the school’ excellent students’ team in Literature and English.

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Great contribution, Bac Giang province, reading culture, Tang Thi Phuong Mai, Bac Giang Library, Ambassador of Reading, young students
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