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4 students win first prize at 22nd Youth Informatics Contest

(BGO) – The 22nd Youth Informatics Contest in Bac Giang province was held on April 6 at the Vietnam Korea Technology Vocational College under a joint collaboration between the provincial Youth Federation, the Departments of Education and Training, Information and Communication, Science and Technology and Informatics Association. 

The contest drew 121 candidates from 10 districts and city, up 5 people compared to the figure last year, including 43 participants in the primary group (group A), 40 students in junior high school group (group B) and 38 ones in senior high school group (group C).

4 students, first prize, 22nd Youth Informatics Contest, Bac Giang province,  informatics technology, logical thinking, application practice, programming competition

The Organization board awards the first prizes to 4 winners.

All the candidates must compete in 1 or 2 parts in a total of 120 minutes. Group A went up for a multiple-choice test on the basic knowledge of the informatics technology, logical thinking and application practice (SCRATCH or MSWLogo programming language). Group B competed in programming to solve several maths in the junior high school curriculum by using SCRATCH or Pascal programming language. Group C joined a programming competition by using any tool to solve the previously assigned maths by Free Pascal, DevC++ language as well as write creative software.

Concluding the contest, 4 first prizes were awarded to Dinh Duy Hung, grade 5 in Primary School in Cao Thuong town (Tan Yen district); Nguyen Doan Thuy Duong, grade 8 in Junior High School in Neo town (Yen Dung district); Nguyen Thanh Huyen, grade 12 of Informatics and Nguyen Quoc Nhat Minh, grade 11 of Informatics in Bac Giang Junior High School for Gifted Students (Bac Giang city).

Besides, the Organization board also presented 6 second prizes, 15 third prizes, 30 consolidation prizes as well as the prize for the youngest candidate and for the ethnic minority student with the highest score.

The 4 first prize winners will participate in the 25th National Informatics Contest scheduled on next August.

Photo “Story about Buddhist Emperor” awarded first prize at “7 days to discover sacred land of Tay Yen Tu” photo contest
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ASEAN+3 singing contest 2019 launched
The ASEAN+3 singing contest 2019, the second of its kind, has been officially launched, open to professional pop singers aged 18-35 from 10 Southeast Asian nations with a view to promoting cultural exchanges in the bloc. 
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A photo by Luong Thanh Hai of Vietnam’s meteorological and hydrological agency has won the first prize at a photo competition of the Typhoon Committee (TC).
Bac Giang launches “Ambassador of Reading Culture” contest
(BGO) - In response to the  “Ambassador of Reading Culture” contest 2019 organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the schools in the northern province of Bac Giang launched and popularized the contest rules to the students. 
24,000 Vietnamese students sit Int’l Kangaroo Math Contest
More than 24,000 students from 870 elementary and secondary schools of 41 cities and provinces nationwide on March 17 sit the 2019 International Kangaroo Math Contest (IKMC). 

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4 students, first prize, 22nd Youth Informatics Contest, Bac Giang province, informatics technology, logical thinking, application practice, programming competition
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