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Friendly library at Tri Yen Primary School

(BGO) - A library has an eye-catching space with books arranged in line with each grade. Especially, a green library corner is located in the school yard, which is convenient for teachers and students to actively explore knowledge. It is a friendly library model at the Tri Yen Primary School in Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province. 

Entering the library, we see a space filled with colors. The vivid pictures and lines of words on the wall show contents according to each topic. Around them are the small bookshelves, rules table and guidelines. The room ground is covered with soft foam carpets with beautiful wooden tables of medium size for students to read above. 

Friendly library, Tri Yen Primary School, Bac Giang province, eye-catching space, green library corner,  vivid pictures, layout and arrangement, beautiful wooden tables

The close and friendly space of the school’s library.

Tran Le Tuan Anh from Grade 3B said: “Coming to the library, I am very excited because I can read books and newspapers dedicated to children, play and entertain myself after hours of studying stressfully, and learn about the knowledge useful for me in study and life".

The layout and arrangement of the library follow the instructions of the ‘Room to read’ project, which supports the building of the friendly library model. In order to form a reading habit for students, in addition to being provided with a comfortable reading room, students are also introduced to books by subject, tell stories and draw paintings according to books, and participate in family reading festivals.

The school established a library support team comprising 20-25 students of Grades 4 and 5 who perform the tasks of cleaning and arranging books; coordinating with staff in selecting books by color code; and returning books to the right place ... 

Teacher Nguyen Thi Nga - a library staff member, said: "Most students, when coming to the library, are excited at the bookshelves and the way of decoration. Here, they are free to explore and read favourite books”.

Over the past three years, the school has spent more than 45 million VND (1,940 USD) purchasing more carpets and bookshelves. Books have been regularly added through donations from organisations, teachers, parents and students, and exchanges with other libraries. 

Currently, the library has a total of more than 3,200 books, including comic books, reference books, professional books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines for teenagers and children, and books serving teaching and learning. 

In the last two years, the library has attracted all teachers and students to borrow and read books. Books and newspapers are rotated regularly, averaging 50-70 times a day. Each title is read 3-4 times per day.

The friendly library model is proving its efficiency, contributing to training morality, helping students to be more excited when going to school and in each lesson period, as well as gradually forming a reading habit.

Vietnam Book Day helps promote reading culture: Deputy Prime Minister
The establishment of the Vietnam Book Day has contributed greatly to restoring and developing the reading culture, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said at a national conference on April 18 reviewing the impacts of the Book Day since it was first observed five years ago. 
Spreading green lifestyle from “Challenge For Change”
(BGO) – The hot trend “Challenge For Change ” for rubbish cleanups launched by foreigner facebook account namely Byron Roma has recently gone viral with positive feedback from numerous social accounts across the countries. Many youths in the northern province of Bac Giang have actively joined hand in the challenge to clean up the environment and spread the green lifestyle in the community. 
Bac Giang’s student wins first prize at “Reading for the future” contest
(BGO) - The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization and the Education Publishing House co-organized the final round of the “Reading for the future” contest in Hanoi on 7 April. 
Great contribution to spreading reading culture in community
(BGO) - Tang Thi Phuong Mai, a student of class 8A, Tan Tien junior high school won the first prize at the “Ambassador of Reading” contest organized by Bac Giang Library in late March after passing nearly 28,000 entries of the contestants in the province. 
38th Bac Giang Newspaper Run and 2019 Walking Festival: large scale, widely spreading
(BGO) - In the early morning of March 17, even though it was rainy, many people gathered at the February 3 Square in Bac Giang city to attend the 38th traditional Bac Giang Newspaper Run and the Walking Festival 2019 for a dynamic Vietnamese generation. 

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Friendly library, Tri Yen Primary School, Bac Giang province, eye-catching space, green library corner, vivid pictures, layout and arrangement, beautiful wooden tables
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