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Vietnam, symphony of peace

(BGO) - There are many reasons why every Vietnamese citizen cannot forget April 30, 1975, the last day of a struggle for national liberation which lasted for more than 20 years with full of hardships and sacrifices. Glorious victories and achievements were exchanged by a lot of losses and grief.

The vestiges of the tragic patriotic war stretching from the North to the South are cemeteries full of martyrs’ tombs. That image is not strange to us. We recall it only to confirm that this nation never forgets the past but does not activate hatred. The one-time enemy is now our friend. The opponent becomes a partner. Is there any nation on this planet that is tolerant like Vietnam?

At the house No. 9 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, I first met American veteran writers. They had to fly through the vast Pacific Ocean to Vietnam with a hope to heal the wounds of war.

Vietnam, symphony of peace, Bac Giang province, national liberation, Glorious victories, tragic patriotic war, national history

Students of cultural and art schools perform and march in front of the platform in Hanoi on the day when the South was completely liberated.

And we shook hands. Veterans who were once enemies of each other now let go of hatred bearing the smell of explosives. Then they read poetry together, gave flowers and confided everything like people who had never seen each other through a gun barrel.

We and our American friends walked together under a clear peaceful sky. We believe it is always like that, and has already been like that for a long time. That's why I have to be grateful for many times to April 30, 1975, the day when the door of peace was opened from the troops wearing green shirts covered with the road dust in the speediest and most daring march in the national history.

In the last days of February 2019, Hanoi - Vietnam became the focus attracting the attention of the world public as the capital bustlingly prepared for the second DPRK-US Summit.

Hanoi became more splendid, cleaner and tidier. Hanoi of Vietnam was beautiful and lovely in the eyes of friends. Ornamental plants, fresh flowers, eyes, smiles, sounds of musical instruments, songs, Vietnamese dishes ... all spoke out the feelings of Vietnamese people towards their friends, even though they are the powerful heads of state or normal accompanying officials and personnel.

Now, although there are differences in the way of welcoming and bidding farewell to friends, the warmth and sincerity are still as intact as ever. Filial piety is part of Vietnamese character. 

So there is a fact that the winners shake hands with the defeated and guns are no longer pointed at each other, after the war longed for reconciliation. The story of bathing with the blood of people on the other side is a threat and a fabricated story. Vietnam does not nurture hatred and activate conflict.

That is the next story of April 30, 1975. The winners are not cruel and the peace-loving winners deserve to be honoured. “Benevolence and righteousness mean bringing peace to the people”, Nguyen Trai wrote in the 15th century. 

If we want to win the people’s heart, we must keep the peace. The lesson after April 30, 1975 is a lesson of peacekeeping, not only for one but many generations, not only for our country but also for other countries and the world as a whole.

Vietnam has become an ideal rendezvous for reconciliation and peace creation. Vietnam is a symphony of peace in a world with numerous instabilities. The love of peace of the Vietnamese people is unquestionable. Human beings are moving to marvelous new heights of science and technology. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is gradually becoming a reality. But the human world today is also hiding divisions, conflicts and wars. Keeping peace for each nation and all mankind is the duty of every nation and the world at large.

Art programme sings praise for liberation and reunification
An outdoor art programme was staged in front of Ho Chi Minh City Opera House on April 26 to mark the 44th anniversary of the South Liberation and National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975-2019).
Discount price offered for Tay Yen Tu cable car on Reunification holiday
(BGO) – In celebration of the 44 anniversary of Reunification Day April 30 1975 – 2019 and International Labor Day May 1, the Tay Yen Tu Service Joint Stock Company (in Tay Yen Tu Spiritual – Ecological Tourism Site in Dong Thong hamlet, Tuan Mau commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province) offers the promotional programme for tourists and locals.
Quang Tri to mark national reunification with grand festival
The central province of Quang Tri will hold a festival to mark the 44th anniversary of the liberation of South Vietnam and national reunification (April 30) and the 47th anniversary of the liberation of the province (May 1).
Reunification Day celebration: Fireworks to explode from Vietnam’s tallest building
Landmark 81 will be one of three venues in HCMC to let off fireworks to celebrate Vietnam’s Reunification Day.
Vietnam Railways arranges more trains for Reunification Day holidays
Vietnam Railways (VNR) will operate an additional 130 trains along various routes across the nation from April 25 to May 5 to meet increasing travelling demands during the Reunification Day holidays.

Nguyen Huu Quy

Vietnam, symphony of peace, Bac Giang province, national liberation, Glorious victories, tragic patriotic war, national history
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