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Developing intensive treatment techniques, increasing medical examination and treatment capacity

(BGO) - Currently, many hospitals in Bac Giang province have successfully implemented difficult and intensive treatment techniques that were previously only available at central-level hospitals. That advance has improved the quality of medical examination and treatment at the grassroots level and contributed to reducing overloads in higher-level hospitals.

Patients enjoy benefits

In early May 2019, the Geriatric Department (the provincial General Hospital) implemented the technique of treating vasodilation by laser under the guidance of doctors of the National Geriatric Hospital.

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Doctors of the National Geriatric Hospital transfer the technique of treating vasodilation by laser to the Geriatric Department (the provincial General Hospital).

Dr. Pham Thuy Lan, Dean of the department, said in the past, to treat this disease, patients had to get anaesthesia or spinal anaesthesia for surgery, with long hospital stay, scarring and risk of facing complications.

With new technology, the recovery time is fast, patients can leave the hospital after surgery about 3-4 hours. Previously, this difficult technique was only implemented at central-level hospitals such as: 108, Bach Mai, National Geriatric Hospital ... 

The provincial General Hospital is the second provincial-level unit that has deployed the technique, after the general hospital in Quang Ninh province.

In addition, in 2018, the hospital also mastered more hi-tech techniques such as liver cutting surgery in treating liver rupture caused by trauma, vertebral shaping with cement injection, echocardiography through the esophagus, kidney stone lithotripsy by laser...

The Bac Giang Women's and Children’s Hospital currently performs 93.6 percent of obstetric techniques of Grade 1 and 40.8 percent of paediatric internal techniques. 

In January 2019, the hospital conducted an emergency surgery on Vu Thi Thuy from Dong Son commune (Bac Giang city), who was in the 26th week of pregnancy. The premature baby weighed 700 grams, and suffered severe respiratory failure so he/she received emergency and special care at the Neonatal Department. 

After two months, the baby weighed 1.9 kg and was moved to live with his/her mother. According to the evaluation of specialised agencies, this was a difficult and complicated case for a provincial-level medical facility.

With technical transfer from the provincial General Hospital, in May 2017, Yen The district’s Medical Center became the first district-level medical unit in the province to deploy the dialysis technique. 

Now, many patients in the district can be treated near their houses, thus saving their costs and ease their travelling hardships. The department is currently treating 32 patients with 10 dialysis machines.

Uneven development

According to Nguyen Dinh Toan, deputy head of the Medical Profession Division (the provincial Department of Health), since the beginning of 2019, provincial-level hospitals have implemented 4,778 higher-level techniques while district-level hospitals have performed 3,163 higher-level techniques.

2018 was the first year the provincial Department of Health conducted a survey of people's satisfaction with public health services in 7 public health facilities in the province. The results showed that 73.1 percent of people were satisfied with the quality of treatment and the level of trust in health facilities is 71.9 percent.

However, the reality shows that the new technical development is uneven, mainly in provincial-level hospitals. 

At the district level, besides some units that have made great efforts in carrying out new techniques such as the Medical Centers of Yen Dung, Hiep Hoa and Tan Yen districts, many units have still faced difficulties in terms of staff and facilities, affecting treatment for patients.

To achieve the goal of developing more difficult techniques for resuscitation; dialysis; vascular intervention; cranial, spinal and osteoarthritis surgery; plastic surgery; and tumor treatment by 2020, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Health Bui The Bung said the department is directing hospitals to develop training plans associated with specialist orientation and increase the sending of staff to training under technical packages.

In order to support and promote high technology development, the provincial People's Committee needs to have policies to attract doctors and nurses, while paying attention to funding the construction of facilities and training. 

The health sector should promptly remove difficulties in technical transfer between levels and create conditions for local health facilities to soon access and master intensive treatment techniques.

98.5 percent of population covered by health insurance
(BGO) – A meeting was held on December 18 by the Steering Board for the project that executes the health insurance (HI) for the whole resident by 2020 so as to conclude the Action month to call for the residents’ HI participation in 2019 (November 2018). The event was chaired by Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee, Head of the Steering Board. 
Bac Giang strives for high coverage of health insurance
(BGO) – The Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) on October 23 held a meeting to review two year implementation of the Direction No.08 dated on September 1, 2016 of Party Committee’s Standing Board  about boosting up the coverage of health insurance in the province in the period of 2016 – 2020 and launching the Action month to call for people of all strata to participate in health insurance in 2019. The event was chaired by Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the PPC. 
"Doctors and friends" club provides free health examination and medicine to older persons and policy beneficiaries in Hiep Hoa
(BGO) - The "Doctors and friends" club under UNESCO center for culture and sports development (Vietnam Union of UNESCO Associations) on October 21 held a humanitarian medical checkup in Thanh Van commune, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province).
Becoming fit and healthy thanks to dancesport
(BGO) - In recent several years, the number of members of the Bac Giang provincial Women’s Union taking part in dancesport has been increasing. Not only in Bac Giang city, but this artistic sport also spreads to many other localities across the province such as Hiep Hoa, Yen The and Tan Yen. It helps women improve their health, contributing to gathering members of women’s union.
Personal health records created for Viet Yen’s residents
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) has implemented the plan of making dossier, organizing health examination and profile management for the local residents.

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Bac Giang province, intensive treatment techniques, medical examination, treatment capacity, central-level hospitals, medical examination and treatment,
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