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Provincial leader urges to drastically improve PCI

(BGO)- The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has announced the report on Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) 2018. Bac Giang ranked 36 out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide (down 6 places). In order to seek solutions for improving PCI in coming time, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Linh chaired a meeting with related departments and agencies, districts and city. 

Clarifying responsibilities

According to the report, Bac Giang ranked 27 among 32 centrally-run provinces and cities nationwide having good quality in economic governance and ranked 5 out of 14 northern mountainous provinces. 

This is the highest PCI scores Bac Giang province has gained since 2006 and the 5th consecutive year Bac Giang increased its PCI scores. However, Bac Giang’s PCI ranking in 2018 decreased despite the higher scores.

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The provincial Chairman Nguyen Van Linh concludes the meeting.

According to Nguyen Cuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, Bac Giang’s PCI ranking decreased because the province’s PCI score growth rate is lower than the national average rate. Particularly, the national average PCI score increased by 1.31 points in the period from 2014 to 2018 while Bac Giang’s PCI score only increased by 0.81 points.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Duong Van Thai agreed with this judgement and highly evaluated the preciseness and scientificalness of the survey. The indices reflect the economic governance, improvement of business environment and efforts in administrative reform of local governments.

Highly concentrating but not hurrying

In his conclusion, the provincial Chairman Nguyen Van Linh stressed, it is urgent to carry out a number of solutions to improve the provincial competitiveness; nevertheless, it is necessary to identify reasonable causes drastically but not be hastily or passively.

Bac Giang strives to be in top 15 provinces and cities nationwide in PCI ranking. It is targeted to surmount shortcomings of 4 indices with lower scores in 2018 including land access, transparency, proactivity and legal institution.

Besides, it is essential to foster improvement of private economic sector, support small and medium-scale enterprises and set belief of the business community in the local governments. 

He requested to raise responsibilities of the leaders at all levels and sectors in improving the investment and business environment in line with evaluating and classifying public officials.

Nguyen Van Linh noted, feedback of the enterprises showed that there was still the situation of public officials troubling the enterprises. Thus, the departments and authorities need to supervise and evaluate their public officials while providing them with training in working skills and educating the codes of ethics.

It is required to pay special attention to the positions and divisions which are possible to make use of the power to conduct corruption. It is necessary to build the regulation on transfer of public officials not to permit them do one work assignment for a long time to avoid negative issues.

Besides, it is essential to continue boosting administrative reform while publishing the public administrative procedures on the websites of departments, agencies and local governments and at their one-stop shops where dealing with public administrative procedures .

It is required to publicize transparently the activities of public agencies and permitted information such as planning, list of projects calling for investment, procurement and construction on internet to facilitate organizations, enterprises and individuals accessing to information.

He requested the provincial leaders, leaders of the districts, departments and agencies to strengthen meeting and dialoguing with enterprises and investors with flexible methods to create a friendly and open atmosphere for general development of the province.

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Provincial leader, PCI,Chairman Nguyen Van Linh, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Provincial Competitiveness Index, Bac Giang province, highest PCI scores
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