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Voluntary charity associations, groups spread love

(BGO) - Regardless of background, age and occupation; and operating voluntarily, in recent years, charity associations, groups and clubs in Bac Giang province have appeared more and more, thus spreading love in the community.

Sharing difficulties

Although income only comes from his small pension, over the past three years, Tran Van Thanh (62 years old) in Thang township (Hiep Hoa district) has used his 3-storey house to serve free cooking for poor patients treated at the Hiep Hoa district General Hospital.

Voluntary charity associations, Bac Giang province, free lunch, disadvantaged households, social networks, extraordinary support, mutual affection, mutual love

Members of the "Chung mot tam long" (Sharing one love) Club donated free meals to patients at the Hiep Hoa district General Hospital.

At present, Thanh is Vice Chairman of the "Chung mot tam long" (Sharing one heart) Club with more than 60 members of various sectors and ages. Twice a month, even when it is raining and cold, the club members come to his house to cook free lunch for patients (about 200 servings per time, each worth 15,000-20,000 VND).

Not only providing free meals, the club directly provides cash, books, clothes, and household utensils for many disadvantaged households and students with the amount of up to hundreds of millions of dong.

Nguyen Thi Huyen from Hac Lam village, Huong Lam commune (Hiep Hoa district) has both paralyzed arms and legs, with economic difficulties. Her family has few members and she herself is incapable of working. All the housework from cooking and washing to personal activities is done by her 5-year-old son. Understanding her situation, the club coordinated with some organizations to persuade benefactors to give savings books, build houses and buy wheelchairs, totalling about 200 million VND, to her family.

In recent years, the movement of associations, groups and clubs participating in voluntary charitable activities to help households with difficult circumstances has been spreading. Currently, the whole province has nearly 20 typical models, with each having 15-40 members in 10 districts and city. Members are diverse in background, age and occupation. From these models, many lives and fates have been helped and given strength.

Multiplying love

In fact, many associations, groups and clubs use social networks and fanpages to inform about and share the cases, bringing in practical results. The Dong Tam Charity Association (Bac Giang city) was established in 2016 with nearly 20 members led by Truong Thi Hue (born in 1983) from My Do ward, who is working in the banking sector.

Voluntary charity associations, Bac Giang province, free lunch, disadvantaged households, social networks, extraordinary support, mutual affection, mutual love

In order to expand the movement, the provincial Red Cross Society will continue to propagate, connect, coordinate and persuade benefactors to support and help those in need through models so that they can overcome difficulties and rise up in life


Ma Thi Thin Nga, Chairwoman of the provincial Red Cross Society.


The association has a fanpage where all information about people in need of help is shared. The donation and distribution are conducted openly and transparently, for right people and addresses. In addition to extraordinary support, every quarter, the association also transports support goods to remote areas to help people with difficult circumstances.

Since 2018, many households and students have been provided with money to treat serious diseases and nurture the dream of going to school. Many cases have been supported to build houses. Hoang Thi Hoi (94 years old) from Tu Mai commune (Yen Dung district) is living alone. Her shabby, dilapidated house may fall at any time. At the end of last year, the association persuaded benefactors to support her 30 million VND (1,287 USD) to upgrade her house.

It can be said that when the state budget for poor households and those with difficult circumstances is still limited, voluntary charitable activities of associations, groups and clubs express profound humanity and reflect the tradition of "mutual affection and mutual love", "the leaves protect tattered ones " of the nation.

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Cong Doanh

Voluntary charity associations, Bac Giang province, free lunch, disadvantaged households, social networks, extraordinary support, mutual affection, mutual love
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