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Hanoi says no to plastic bags, disposable plastic products

Enterprises in Hanoi have implemented many concrete and practical action programmes to prevent the use of plastic bags and disposable plastic products in response to the city’s joint efforts to fight plastic waste in industrial production and consumer distribution. 

According to data from the municipal Department of Industry and Trade, about 6,000 tonnes of waste are discharged in the city every day, of which 8-10 percent are plastic waste, which are mainly generated in industrial production and consumer distribution.

Hanoi, plastic bags, disposable plastic products, action programmes, industrial production, consumer distribution

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They are mainly plastic bags and disposable plastic products, which are difficult or take a long time to be decomposed. However, they are still popularly used because of convenience in production and consumption.

Hanoi is now home to 24 trade centres, 140 supermarkets, 454 markets and thousands of convenience stores which still keep the habit of using plastic bags.

Over the past time, production and distribution businesses have made efforts to minimize plastic waste.

A representative of the Hanoi 27–7 Packaging Company Limited said the firm has boldly invested in application of new technologies in production.

The company has so far converted 50 percent of finished products into environmentally friendly packaging, including multiple-use plastic bags and paper bags for both export and growing demand in the domestic market.

The company has committed that 100 percent of its products will be environmentally friendly by 2020.

Many shopping centres, supermarkets, convenience stores such as Vinmart, Big C, MM Mega Market, Lotte, and Saigon Co.op Mart have moved to use self-destruct roll bags and biodegradable plastic bags to replace disposable plastic bags.

They have also used trays, boxes, plates, bowls and some items made from corn flour, bagasse, and coconut fiber for processing food to replace products made of plastic.

Some shops have used natural materials such as banana leaves, dong leaves, bamboo sticks, and paper bags to wrap their products.

Currently, supermarkets in Hanoi are "racing" to use and distribute environmentally friendly packaging products.

CEO of LOTTE Mart Vietnam Kang Minho said that the LOTTE Mart chain is selling paper straws, eco-green bags, boxes made from bagasse, and chicken eggs packed with paper packaging instead of plastic boxes.

In the coming time, LOTTE Mart will sell straws made of rice powder and all cooked food sold at LOTTE Mart supermarkets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will also be packed in boxes made from bagasse, which will decompose itself when they are buried under ground within 45 days.

The use of banana leaves to pack vegetables and fruits in supermarkets in Vietnam is one of the solutions to minimize and stop using plastic bags, contributing to gradually changing a habit harmful to the environment.

PM calls for drastic measures to control and reduce plastic waste
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasised the need to take  practical and concrete measures to control and reduce plastic waste while launching a national campaign on plastic waste prevention in Hanoi on June 9.
Multi-terrain waste collection machine wins top prize at young volunteers’ creation contest
Overcoming over 1,000 ideas by other Vietnamese and foreign students, a smart device with the ability to collect garbage on the sea, ponds and canals as well as on the ground, by a group of students from the University of Da Nang, won the first prize at the "Volunteers’ Ideas" Contest 2019.
Creative toys made out of waste materials
(BGO) – With the skilful hands and rich imagination, many youths in the northern province of Bac Giang have created the slide, seesaw, swing…from the used tyres of motorbike and car, wood and iron bar to build up the children playground.
Hanoi seeks France’s experience in clean water, waste treatment
Vice Chairman of the municipal Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen The Hung expressed his delight at growing Vietnam-France ties during a working session in the capital city on May 22 with Jean Charles Nefgre, Politburo member of the French Communist Party (PCF). 
Giant fish ‘eats’ plastic waste in Danang environmental appeal
A giant goby fish made from bamboo and coconut leaves appears to swallow plastic waste on a beach in an appeal for environmental protection.

Source: VNA

Hanoi, plastic bags, disposable plastic products, action programmes, industrial production, consumer distribution
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