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Affectionate lessons from teacher Duy

(BGO) – In late summer, teacher Duong Van Duy at Nguyen Hong High School in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) starts the free tutorial programme to help his students firmly grasp the knowledge and confidently enter new academic year. It has been conducted for many years.

Free tutorial class

Teacher Duy was born in 1984 as the oldest son in a poor farmer family in Yen Lu commune, Yen Dung district, he kept conquering the challenges to well study from early childhood. After graduating the Faculty of Mathematics (Hanoi University of Education No.2), Duy returned home to follow the teaching career. He has worked at Nguyen Hong High School for 6 years and now lives in Dong Son commune.

Affectionate lessions, teacher Duy, Bac Giang province, Duong Van Duy, Nguyen Hong High School, Free tutorial class

Teacher Duong Van Duy provides free tutorial class for the student.

Thanks to the good facilitation from the school Administrative Board, teacher Duy actively enriches the knowledge and profession to well fulfil the tasks. Apart from joining the training courses of the educational sector, Duy boldly discusses and exchanges with the colleges. He also writes articles for the Youth Mathematics Magazine to enhance the knowledge and skills.

Teacher Duy is assigned to teach Maths at grade 10 and follow the students to later years. Because most of the students have poor learning capacity and low entrance mark to the school, he organises tutorial courses and two supplementary education classes at the weekend.

Le Thi Thu Trang, a student at class 12A2 shared: “When entering the school, I had poor learning capacity, especially Mathematics. After participating in the tutorial classes with the careful teaching of teacher Duy, I further understand the lessons and find the passion for the study” .

The colleges highly appreciate Duy’s affection to the students. All of the tutorial lessons are free because he knows that the majority of students live in difficulties, he wants to help them reinforce the knowledge. Sometimes the students paid for the learning fees behind the schedule, teacher Duy used his own salary to help them advance the fees to the school.

Wishing the students to be good people

Though Duy is busy with the professional activities, he always takes the lead in organising the collective movements and encouraging the students’ participation as the Secretary of the school youth union.

Affectionate lessions, teacher Duy, Bac Giang province, Duong Van Duy, Nguyen Hong High School, Free tutorial class

Teacher Duong Van Duy (left) in the reporting ceremony at the hometown of late President Ho Chi Minh in May 2019.

Many students in the school live in disadvantaged circumstances so their parents cannot educate and care for the children thoroughly. Thus, teacher Duy pays due attention to educating their morality, lifestyle as well as teaching them the way to share the love.

He has taken some students to directly visit poor friends in Tan Yen and Yen The districts for several times to encourage them on study, hence the youngsters understand their friend circumstances to have further sharing.

Particularly, when teacher Duy knew the impoverished condition of Do Ngoc Mai in Song Mai commune (Bac Giang city) making her decision of dropping from the school, he provided her with regular encouragement and called for the sharing from her friends so that Mai could continue going to the school.

Additionally, he requested the school and teachers to free the fees of official and additional classes during three years. The Youth Union at the school proposed the municipal Youth Union to present a scholarship of 3 million VND to Mai. Thanks to the practical sharing, Mai conquered the difficulties to gain good academic result.

Besides responding to the common tasks of the higher youth union, the school youth union holds many specific programmes such as making Chung cake on the lunar new year and gifting to poor students.

Since 2015, teacher Duy has organized to publish the Journal of the school Youth Union namely “I love science” with one or two works per month that features several items such as poem, solving of the hard maths exercise, good literature, story of geography and history with many photos, images and information about the school activities.

The exciting and interesting movements help attract many students and create a good, friendly environment for them to further attach to the school and find more passion for study. The school youth union is highly appreciated by the Bac Giang municipal Youth Union for the annual youth activities or action month for the volunteer youth.

Can Tho’s fund supports nearly 1 million students, teachers
Nearly 1 million disadvantaged students and teachers in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho have been assisted through the education and talent promotion fund over the last 12 years.
Teacher Hoang Thi Loan whole heartedly devotes to children
(BGO) – Teacher Hoang Thi Loan (born in 1981), Head Mistress of Tan My Kindergarten School in Bac Giang city is always prominent for her enthusiasm, dynamic, inventive thinking as well as open-minded character to the colleagues and students’ parents. 
Good deed of teacher Than Van Son to save drowning girl
(BGO) – “When seeing the girl throwing herself to the Thuong river, I forgot the winter cold and thought that I must save her because I can swim”, said teacher Than Van Son (born in 1984). That was the sharing from the teacher of Giap Hai High School (Bac Giang city) who has recently saved a poor person.
A teacher of many excellent students at English
(BGO) - Teacher Pham Thi Van Nga (born in 1984) was assigned to teach at Tan Son High school, Luc Ngan district after graduating from the Faculty of English, Ngo Gia Tu College in the northern province of Bac Giang. In 2009, she taught English for Bo Ha Junior High School in Yen The district. Teacher Nga has demonstrated her teaching quality for both normal students and excellent students of grade 8 and 9.
Whole hearted teachers quietly nurture young generation
(BGO) - The generations of students always remember the teachers as the great guiders of their lives. Overcoming the numerous difficulties, several teachers devote all their life to teach the children with disability in the difficult areas. These quiet contribution and sacrifice help the students pursue a brighter future. 

Vi Le Thanh

Affectionate lessions, teacher Duy, Bac Giang province, Duong Van Duy, Nguyen Hong High School, Free tutorial class
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