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Two excellent students win Odon Vallet scholarship

(BGO) – On the upcoming August 26, two former students of Ngo Si Lien High School (Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province) Chu Nhat Minh and Than Hong Thai (both born in 2001) will be awarded Oden Vallet scholarship at the Hanoi Opera House. The scholarship is named after a famous French professor Odon Vallet which is presented to the students with excellent academic results. 

Meeting Chu Nhat Minh in his home at Co Giang street, Tran Nguyen Han ward (Bac Giang province), we know that he has recently been admitted to Hanoi University of Science and Technology after a continuous practising period.


Two excellent students, Odon Vallet scholarship, Bac Giang province, Chu Nhat Minh, Than Hong Thai, Ngo Si Lien high school, provincial contest for excellent student

Chu Nhat Minh (second on the left) poses photo with teacher and classmates.


He was a student at a hi-quality secondary school in Bac Giang city and received many supports and encouragements from the teachers in Ngo Si Lien High School.

He continued extending the good academic result by achieving the title of comprehensive excellent student for 12 years and winning second prize at provincial contest for excellent student at Chemistry at grade 12.

At the monthly competition at the school, Minh regularly rank first position in group A. In the recent national high school graduation examination, Minh was one out of 5 excellent students in Ngo Si Lien High School scoring 27.15 (9.4 on Maths, 9.5 on Physics and 8.25 on Chemistry).

Minh’s mother Vu Thi Duyen said his parent work at Habac Nitrogenous Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock Company while his older sister is also an excellent student, helping Minh orient his learning path. The student set a clear target to pass the entrance selection to Hanoi University of Science and Technology at grade 10 so that he spent non-stop effort on the dream by a serious manner.

On every evening, Minh studies about 2 hours then watched TV, played games or other entertainment activities.

Additionally, he kept closely to the plan and focused on reviewing the knowledge and practising the exercise 100 days before the exam. Minh will try his best to studying at the university so as to work at his favourite field of computer research, he shared.

Minh’s classmate at class 12 A1, Than Hong Thai is honored to receive Odon Vallet scholarship this year. Thai is admired by many friends not only for his prominent height of 1.8 m but also for his comprehensive result in all subjects.


Two excellent students, Odon Vallet scholarship, Bac Giang province, Chu Nhat Minh, Than Hong Thai, Ngo Si Lien high school, provincial contest for excellent student

Than Hong Thai (center, behind) and friends.


Forgetting an image of a shy student, Than Hong Thai actively joined the extracurricular activities during 3 years at Ngo Si Lien High school. Thai remained excellent student for consecutive years and won second prize at the provincial contest for excellent student on Physics at grade 12.

With 25.5 points in group B, Thai said he has completed the enrolment to the University of Technology (under Hanoi National University) and started learning English to widen his chance of exchange and study with international friends.

For nearly 20 years, Oden Vallet Scholarship launched by Professor Odon Vallet has helped thousands of students worldwide, including Vietnam.

In Bac Giang province, there are many excellent students who meet the criteria to be presented the scholarship such as Trinh Duy Hieu, Giap Thi Thu Thao (former students of Bac Giang High School for the Gifted); Nguyen Dao Hai Dang, Ngo Van Duc and Ngo Phuong Thuy (former students of Ngo Si Lien High School) and others at Bac Giang Agriculture Forestry University.

Each scholarship worth 10 – 18 million VND (430 – 774 USD). This year, Bac Giang has 8 students winning the scholarship.

It is not merely the material meaning, a story about the famous French professor who spends whole asset from his father, an insurance businessman to present scholarships but also helps inspire and awake the study spirit over the difficulty, passion for science research for the youth in Vietnam and worldwide.

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Two excellent students, Odon Vallet scholarship, Bac Giang province, Chu Nhat Minh, Than Hong Thai, Ngo Si Lien high school, provincial contest for excellent student
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