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Bac Giang city follows Uncle Ho to conduct many good deeds

(BGO) – The acceleration of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and personality and implementation of the 4th Resolution of the Central Party Committee (session 12) have created vibrant emulative movements in the organizations, agencies and residential areas in Bac Giang  city (Bac Giang province). Many outstanding models appeared with several good deeds in community to highlight the spirit of “taking good deeds to eliminate the bad ones”.

“Flower garden” of good deeds

For years, the local people have known a humane person - Pham Thi Nhuan (born in 1952), Chief of the Women’s Division in A Lu residential group, Tran Phu ward. Witnessing any impoverished case, children with disabilities or autism deeply move her, hence she tries to support them as much as possible. Among them, a fifth graders Trinh Hai Nam in Tran Phu Primary School is a case.

Bac Giang city, Uncle Ho, many good deeds, Bac Giang province, new rural building, political tasks, vibrant emulative movements, typical examplary

Pham Thi Nhuan presents books and studying tools to Trinh Hai Nam.

Nam’s father passed away long time ago while his mother suffers from metal disorder. After his grandfather died two years ago, Nam normally lives alone in the house of a relative. Since he was four years old, Nhuan has provided him with 100,000 VND (4.3 USD) per month together with clothes, implements, milks as well as asked the school to free all of studying fees and charges.

Early this year, thanks to her calling, an enterprise presented 4 million VND (173 USD) to Nam. Some members of the women’s division take regular visit and care for him.

Annually, Nhuan calls for the organizations, enterprises and kind-hearted people to donate clothes, shoes, books and other necessities with total value of dozens of hundreds million VND to the students at the difficult areas in and outside the province.

Also studying and following the moral exemplary of President Ho Chi Minh, the officers and members of the Party in Dong Quan village Party Division, Dong Son commune took the lead in implementation and persuaded the local residents to join hand in new rural building.

The Party’s member Khong Minh Hoanh, Head of the Fatherland Front Working Board in Dong Quan village said “Responding to new rural building movement, nearly 30 households voluntarily donated some 300 square meters to widen the inner village road. Now Dong Quan village basically completed 7 criteria of exemplary new rural”.

There are many collectives and individuals in the city having good deed for community and society, including teacher Nguyen Van Son in Giap Hai High School who bravely saved a drowning victim; teacher Duong Van Duy in Nguyen Hong High School who organizes free Maths tutoring sessions to the students and supports disadvantage ones; Vice Secretary of Dinh Ke ward Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Luong Xuan Hiep who called for over 200 free meals to the students and donated blood 27 times to save the patients...

Wide-spreading the typical models

Bac Giang city, Uncle Ho, many good deeds, Bac Giang province, new rural building, political tasks, vibrant emulative movements, typical examplary

The typical models of the Party Division in Tho Xuong ward (Bac Giang province) report to uncle Ho at the Memorial Site of Uncle Ho’s 6 Teachings to the Public Security Force in Nha Nam commune, Tan Yen district.

Implementing the Poliburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW dated May 15, 2016 about accelerating the studying and following the though, morality and personality of President Ho Chi Minh, the municipal Committee’s Standing Board launched Programme No 19 with thorough theme of “Following Uncle Ho’s model, all share action for a developed Bac Giang city”.

The programme set 10 criteria, mostly attaching to implementation of the resolutions of the Party’s Congress of all levels, the annual plan and specific task for each organization and individual.

The municipal Committee’s Standing Board has paid due attention to creating and widespreading the typical examplary especially in the key sectors and fields such as medical, education and armed force. The crucial factors included the role of examplary honoring, the pioneer of the leaders of the party and state of all levels.

Hoang Ngoc Thanh, Head of the Propaganda and Training Division in Bac Giang municipal Committee said it has become a regular routine to study and follow uncle Ho. After 3 years, the city has nearly 2,100 good deeds from the collectives; over 19,100 good deeds from individuals; 96 new tasks of collectives; 692 new tasks of leaders done while 500 key works have been registered to be conducted.

The results from the emulative movements have helped successfully realize the political tasks of the city while almost all of the municipal divisions, departments and agencies were highly evaluated by higher authorities in top ranking or top leading groups among the districts, city and agencies.

Sen Village festival in Nghe An celebrates Uncle Ho’s birthday
The annual Sen (Lotus) Village Festival 2019 kicked off in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, in the central province of Nghe An, on May 17 as part of the activities to mark the 129th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (1890-2019).
Provincial PSF honors 48 exemplary models in studying and following Uncle Ho
(BGO) – The Public Security Force (PSF) in the northern province of Bac Giang on May 8 held a ceremony at the Memorial Site of Uncle Ho’s 6 Teachings to the PSF in Nha Nam commune, Tan Yen district to report the achievements and honor 48 exemplary models in implementing the campaign of “Creating the manner of the public security officer: bravery, humanity and to the people”.
Launching Tet tree-planting festival themed “Forever grateful to Uncle Ho”
(BGO) – Within the framework of the 592 anniversary of Xuong Giang victory held on February 10 (the sixth day in the Lunar January, the Year of the Pig), the Bac Giang municipal People’s Council, People’s Committee and Fatherland Front’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang launched the Tet tree-planting festival theme “Forever grateful to Uncle Ho” at Hoang Hoa Tham Park.  
Party leader-President Nguyen Phu Trong offers incense to President Ho Chi Minh
General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong on September 1 offered incense in memory of President Ho Chi Minh at House 67 in the Ho Chi Minh relic site, where the President passed away on September 2, 1969. 
National ceremony marks 50 years implementing late President’s testament
A national ceremony was held in Hanoi on August 30 to mark 50 years implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament (1969-2019) and the 50th death anniversary of the President. 

Vi Le Thanh

Bac Giang city, Uncle Ho, many good deeds, Bac Giang province, new rural building, political tasks, vibrant emulative movements, typical examplary
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