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Benefit from “Accompanying poor women” Fund in Tan An commune

(BGO) - Thanks to proper collection, classification and treatment of household waste, the women’s union of Tan An commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province earns some tens of million VND (some 432 USD) annually to support poor women and children.

A weekend morning, Nguyen Thi Nhai’s family, Head of the women’s union of Nguyen village, Tan An commune seems to be more crowded than other days because it’s time for waste collection.


Bac Giang province, accompanying poor women, Tan An commune, proper collection, household waste, green and clean environment, humanitarian houses

The women’s union of Tan An commune presents gifts to poor students.

“Since 2017, the women’s union of the village has mobilized the members to classify waste at home to raise fund for the poor members and children. All of the members join hands for a green and clean environment”, said Nhai.

To that end, the women’s union called the members’ families to use hand basket instead of plastic bags to go shopping or use farming byproducts such as straw, strings from banana tree, bamboo strings to tie vegetable.

The women’s union of Nguyen village is among 8 others implementing the model “Economical group of women” following President Ho Chi Minh’s morality. This activity was most properly implemented in 2018 by the women in the commune.

As a result, nearly 40 million VND (1,700 USD) was gained from selling plastic garbage to help more than 20 needy women and children to build houses and have fund for production.

Tran Thi Thuong (born in 1984) in Nguyen village is one of many other members benefiting the “Accompanying poor women” Fund. Her husband Chu Van Huy (born in 1982) is weak and unable to do hard work due to an industrial accident.

Thus, the women’s unions of Nguyen village and Tan An commune decided to use 6 million VND (259 USD) from the “Accompanying poor women” Fund to help her family buy a cow and give gifts to her children to encourage them to school.

Bac Giang province, accompanying poor women, Tan An commune, proper collection, household waste, green and clean environment, humanitarian houses

Members of the women’s union of Tan An commune, Yen Dung district classify waste to raise fund for poor women.

According to Tran Thi Thu, chairwoman of the women’s union of Tan An commune, for effective implementation of the movements, members of the executive committee of the communal women’s union set good examples in classifying garbage and strictly obeying the regulations on putting garbage in the right place.

In addition, the communal women’s union asked their members to sign in commitments to conducting green saving and spreading the movement. To date, 665 out of 797 households carry out waste collection, classification and treatment.

Thereby, the communal women’s has fund resources to help needy women build humanitarian houses and present gifts to students on the occasions of new school year, mid-autumn festival and Lunar New Year.

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Bac Giang province, accompanying poor women, Tan An commune, proper collection, household waste, green and clean environment, humanitarian houses
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