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Youth Union Deputy Secretary Luong Xuan Hiep dedicates to community

(BGO)- As mentioning about what he has done for community, Luong Xuan Hiep (born in 1991), Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Dinh Ke ward, Bac Giang city shared with simple words: because he doesn’t want to waste his youth. 

When the phone rings, he immediately goes to help

An early morning when his child was sleeping, Luong Xuan Hiep was awakened by the phone ringing. The phone call was from Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital as usual asking him to donate blood to a case of premature infant in need of urgent blood transfusion.

Youth Union Deputy Secretary, Luong Xuan Hiep, dedicates to community, Bac Giang province, Living Blood Bank, Quan Ho singing Club

Luong Xuan Hiep (sitting) in a voluntary blood donation campaign.

10 minutes later, Hiep appeared timely to donate 350 millilitre of precious blood to save the baby from emergency.

In another case when an old person in Lang Son province suffered from sudden bleeding without clear cause but the blood bank in Lang Son general hospital could not satisfy the case.

Fortunately, his grandchild in Thanh Thien street, Bac Giang city contacted the Living Blood Bank Club where Hiep is a member. Hiep and 3 other volunteers quickly went to donate 1,400 millilitre of blood to prolong his life.

These are unforgettable memories among 8 times he donated blood for emergency cases. Hiep has donated blood to needy persons for 28 times after taking part in the movement.

Currently, Hiep is a deputy head of the “Living Blood Bank” Club with more than 30 volunteers who are willing to donate blood to needy patients.

Do not care about far distance, bad weather or any obstacles, the club members are ready to go to help emergency cases in need of urgent blood transfusion whenever they hear about such cases.

Since its establishment in 2014, the club has mobilized more than 100 units of blood for the hospitals to help many patients out of danger.

Luong Xuan Hiep is one of the outstanding members honored by the Steering Committee for blood donation at all levels.

Showing great enthusiasm for the youth activities

Hiep has attached to the youth union’s work for more than 10 years starting from a youth union secretary of the residential group then a deputy secretary of the ward’s youth union.

Annually, he calls more than 200 young persons to take part in the exam assistance programme or charity activities. In line with face-to-face mobilization, Hiep often shares information of the needy cases and meaningful programmes on social networks to lure attention and involvement of the mass of people especially young people.

Besides, Hiep and other members of the executive committee of the ward’s youth union mobilized the agencies, enterprises and donors to support with food, necessities and school supplies to needy students worth from 15 to 20 million VND (645 to 860 USD).

Specially, his youth union accepted to sponsor one poor student suffering from congenital heart disease whose father died with 200,000 VND (8.6 USD) per month until he finishes secondary school.

On occasion of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day, the youth union of Dinh Ke ward collaborates with the youth union of Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital to provide free health check and medicine to the policy beneficiary families at the local.

Since 2017, he has collaborated with Bac Giang Heart Connection Club to cook porridge for the patients at Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital on every Wednesday providing from 250 to 300 porridge portions each time.

Besides, on Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the youth union of the ward joined hands to organize a Full Moon Festival for children in Dau pagoda, Yen Dung district, present one bicycle and candies to needy children.

With his sweet voice and great passion for Quan Ho folk songs, Hiep has contributed to establishing the “Quan Ho singing Club” for the youth of Bac Giang city with 7 members who are Quan ho lovers from Bac Giang city. The club members practice and sing together twice a month contributing to preserving and spreading this type of precious cultural heritage among young people.

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Vi Le Thanh

Youth Union Deputy Secretary, Luong Xuan Hiep, dedicates to community, Bac Giang province, Living Blood Bank, Quan Ho singing Club
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