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Happy bridge on Cam Son lake

(BGO) – Visiting Son Hai commune, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) recently, any person will surprise at a new bridge on Cam Son lake, connecting Tam Che and Dap village. The change was done by 5 households in the village who physically and materially contribute to building a hundred meter float bridge to ease the traffic in a safer manner.     

Real dream

Though the motorbike of the son moved to the top of the slope, Lai Thi Com, Nung ethnic people people in Dap village, Son Hai commune still stayed for a while to admire the float bridge on Cam Son lake. Previously, the locals in Dap and Dong Mam villages must use the boat to go outside, Com recalled.

Happy bridge, Cam Son lake, Bac Giang province, float bridge, Unbounded happiness, Village engineer, joy and prosperity

The newly completed float bridge.

Vi Van Thang in Tam Che village is one of 5 persons donating expenses and man power to build the float bridge shared that his family lives near the boat station so he witnessed many difficult and dangerous cases whenever people tried to pass the lake.

The lake is really deep with far distance between two sides, thus the boat owner refused to take the guests across the lake in heavy rainy and stormy days. Meanwhile there are 1,400 people residing at Dap and Dong Mam villages with huge travel demand every day. Particularly, the students in these localities must cross the lake to the school in the communal center.

In last July, Thang exchanged his idea with Giap Van Cuong in the same village and three men in Dap village named Dao Van Sao, Dam Van Ke and Lam Van Tai then asked the local authority to allow them to install a float bridge between two villages.

After borrowing their relatives and friends, each family donated over 100 million VND (4,309 USD) to build the bridge and realize the shared dream of Thang and others.

“Village engineer” boasts his talent

Happy bridge, Cam Son lake, Bac Giang province, float bridge, Unbounded happiness, Village engineer, joy and prosperity

The students smoothly travel on the float bridge.

Dam Van Sao, Nung people (born in 1982) is a member in the group to build the bridge. He was welding the iron bars to each other to help the bridge rails firmer. Sao is a mechanic who is specialised at making the roof and iron doors of all kinds. The villagers call him “village engineer”.

Sao said: “The 300 meter bridge was designed by 5 members in the group basing on many other models in the district”.

The bridge is made from stainless steel with 50 component sections. Each section is 6 meter long and created by 3 synthesis floats with high resistance to water force.

Thanks to the “village engineer’ Sao, the group did not have to hire mechanic. They worked in two consecutive months to complete the project which was approved by the local authority and done under the regular inspection and supervision so as to ensure the safety of the bridge in operation.

Unbounded happiness

Happy bridge, Cam Son lake, Bac Giang province, float bridge, Unbounded happiness, Village engineer, joy and prosperity

The mobile passage on the bridge for boat.

On the recent National Day (September 2), the locals around Tam Che and Dap villages are happy as in the festival. They not only enjoyed the delight of National Holiday but also cheered the inauguration of the bridge linking two sides.

From now onward, the villagers can ease the difficulties whenever crossing the area. The commodities are transported smoothly, thus improving the spiritual and material life. Especially, it helps the students firmly go to school.

Chairman of Son Hai communal People’s Committee said the local authority allowed the households to collect a fee of 5,000 per person, bicycle and motorbike crossing the bridge to compensate the amount they invested in making the bridge. The amount is equivalent to the cost of boat travel previously. Particularly, the students enjoy free of charge.

The communal People’s Committee will coordinate with the households to tightly supervise the bridge operation to ensure the safety for human and vehicles.

With the social responsibility for the community, 5 households in the remote and difficult area created a happy bridge to bring the joy and prosperity to the village.

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Do Thanh Nam

Happy bridge, Cam Son lake, Bac Giang province, float bridge, Unbounded happiness, Village engineer, joy and prosperity
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