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Sanitation and Clean Water Programme improves community health

(BGO) – After implementing the programme “Expanding the scale of rural sanitation and clean water  basing on the result” (Sanitation and Clean Water Programme) for 4 years, many households in the rural areas in the northern province of Bac Giang have improved the living condition and enhanced the awareness of sanitation and disease prevention. The programme also helps protect the environment and build up civilized lifestyle.

Improve the living condition

Bac Giang is one of 21 provinces implementing the Sanitation and Clean Water Programme loaned by World Bank with total cost of over 277.27 billion VND (11.9 million USD) for the period of 2016 – 2020.

Sanitation and Clean Water Programme, Bac Giang province, community health, rural sanitation, sanitation and disease prevention, world bank loan, civilized lifestyle

The toilet in the family of Luu Xuan Duong in Tu Mai commune (Yen Dung district) is supported by the programme.

It targets to improve the sanitation behaviour, enhance the sustainable access to clean water source and rural environmental hygiene so as to help realize the environmental criteria in building new style rural area.

The province has 3 components implemented by the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Education and Training and Health in 50 communes in 6 districts of Hiep Hoa, Yen The, Tan Yen, Viet Yen, Lang Giang and Yen Dung in which the Department of Health is in charge of rural sanitation and hygiene behaviour change.

As the project beneficiary, the clean water supply system in Thang town was provided with 27 billion VND (1.1 million USD) in 2019 to maintain, repair and increase its capacity of 200 cubic meters up to 400 cubic meters per day and night.

Several clean water projects in Thang town and Xuang Cam commune (Hiep Hoa district) invested by the World Bank loan are effectively operated.

74 families in Yen Dung district were supported the expenses to build the toilet (1 million VND per household) while 55.9 percent of the local households had standard toilets. As schedule, the programme will further support 174 poor and near poor families and social policy households in three communes of Tan Lieu, Dong Phuc and Tri Yen.

Enhance people’s awareness

Since 2016, 31 communes in the province have participated in the programme, 5 of which are qualified with “Hygiene commune”, namely Dai Thanh, Hop Thinh (Hiep Hoa district), Tan Soi, Phon Xuong and An Thuong (Yen The district).

From the programme’s support amount, the province targets to supply clean water to 12,200 households; build 54 sanitation projects to the school, 76 sanitation projects to medical stations, 7,400 standard toilets as well as 50 hygiene communes by 2020.

The programme has so far supported 4,000 poor and near poor households, social policy families as well as persuaded nearly 5,000 households to build standard toilets; built and repaired 9 concentrated water supply systems in 19 communes with total cost of over 125 billion VND (5.3 million USD).

According to the assessment of the provincial Center of Disease Control, the programme greatly contributed to improving the personal hygiene condition and environmental sanitation to the rural residents in the province. Thus, the disease infection was reduced among the local residents, especially those relating to the water and hygiene such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, skin and venereal disease.

Promoting the programme’s efficiency, in the upcoming time the provincial Center of Disease Control coordinated with the Center of Clean Water and Rural Environmental Sanitation to increase the communication about the benefit of clean water usage, strict supervision of the projects to ensure the water quality to serve the people.

Sanitation and Clean Water Programme, Bac Giang province, community health, rural sanitation, sanitation and disease prevention, world bank loan, civilized lifestyle

Teacher instructs the children to wash hand in Nghia Ho Kindergarten School (Luc Ngan district).

The communal medical station popularized the knowledge about the personal hygiene and instructed the residents to correctly wash hands with soap, especially the children at the kindergarten facilities so that they can early establish the hygiene awareness.

The People’s Committees in the project beneficial districts should instruct and support the communes to conduct the “Hygiene commune” criteria; communicate and persuade the residents, especially those living in mountainous and remote areas to eliminate the backward habit and custom; improve the living condition to prevent the disease; reduce the health examination and treatment expense as well as enhance the community health.

Bac Giang boosts farm produce trademark development towards clean agriculture
(BGO)- The northern province of Bac Giang is endowed with rich land, favourable terrain and climate to develop high-tech agriculture with many kinds of valuable farm produce. As defining it a strength of the local, Bac Giang province has provided a number of policies and schemes to support farmers and accelerate investment attraction in agriculture especially commodity products for export.
Increasing clean water coverage
(BGO) - Implementing the “Results-based Scaling-up Rural Sanitation and Water Supply” (RB-SupRSWS) Programme from the World Bank (WB)’s loans, many clean water facilities in Bac Giang province have come into operation. This helps many rural people use hygienic water.
Green Summer volunteers clean up canals, build roads and houses
Ba Luu canal, one of the most polluted canals in Ho Chi Minh City, was cleared of waste and an invasive growth of hyacinth by young volunteers during this year's Mua He Xanh (Green Summer) campaign.
Over 800 volunteers join hands in cleaning Da Nang beach
More than 800 volunteers joined a campaign to clean Kim Lien beach in the central city of Da Nang on August 7, which was jointly held World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Vietnam, Prudential Vietnam and the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
More than 1,000 youth members join hand in environmental clean-up
(BGO) – The Bac Giang Municipal Youth Union on July 7 coordinated with ICO International Joint Stock Company (ICO) to hold the programme of “Environmental Cleanup – Experience for Grown-up” in 2019.

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Sanitation and Clean Water Programme, Bac Giang province, community health, rural sanitation, sanitation and disease prevention, world bank loan, civilized lifestyle
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