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Nguyen Thi Nga wholeheartedly dedicates for charity work

(BGO) – “I will help others till the last day of my life” is the sharing and wish of Nguyen Thi Nga (born in 1961) in An Chau town, Son Dong district (Bac Giang province). 

From personal hurt to charity work

In a health examination in 2007, the doctor detected that Nga was suffered from cervical cancer. To treat the severe disease, doctors had to cut her whole uterus. After the surgery, she was treated by radiation therapy at K Hospital in Hanoi. Spending all properties on the hospital cost was not enough, so her family must ask for a loan with daily interest.

Nguyen Thi Nga, Bac Giang province, charity work, pay tribute to the life, good deed, successful treatment,  Tireless journeys

Nguyen Thi Nga (outside on the right) and members prepare to cook the porridge for patients in Son Dong district Medical Center.

The difficulties multiplied when her husband’s hand was broken so he had it fixed at 110 Military Hospital. During the hospital treatment, she was presented two charity meals per day. Witnessing the good deed, she reminded herself to follow the treatment to be healthy again then do something to pay tribute to the life.

After the successful treatment in 2008, Nga asked for early retirement to spend time on doing small scale business and charity work. Following a saving routine, she saved 2,000 VND on the piggy bank before going shopping for groceries daily. At year end occasion, she spent that certain amount of money on buying new clothes and candies to present to the poor students or some kilograms of rice to support the single older person in the local area.

Since 2016 when Nga started earning a little more from her business, she has asked for the permission of Son Dong district Medical Center to deliver “Tam Thien” (Good will) free porridge to poor patients. It has been officially operated since then on every Thursday.

To remain the porridge delivery, Nga calls for the donation from the women’s members in An Chau town. Regularly, at 3 am on every Thursday, Nga wakes up to start cooking the porridge, milling and roasting the pork so as to deliver the free delicious meals to patients under treatment at the district Medical Center to partly help them ease the difficulties.

Tireless journeys

Nguyen Thanh Tam, Nga’s husband revealed: “After three years, Bac Giang Good Will group has called for donation to build 7 humanitarian houses to poor households and specially difficult families; organized dozens of charity journeys to help children and residents in the flood affected areas in the district and other localities such as Luc Nam, Luc Ngan, Yen The (Bac Giang province), Thanh Hoa and Lai Chau province”.

Nguyen Thi Nga, Bac Giang province, charity work, pay tribute to the life, good deed, successful treatment,  Tireless journeys

Nguyen Thi Nga (left) and husband hands over the expense to support impoverished family.

On every occasion of holidays and Tet, Tam, Nga and the group visit and present the wheelchair, Tet gift or Chung cake to the patients in the hospitals of provincial Tumour Hospital, K Hospital in Hanoi as well as children and single older persons in provincial Center of Social Welfare.

In August 2019, Good Will group called for enterprises, organizations and agencies to donate more than 100 million VND (4,300 USD) to support family of Tran Thi Lan (born in 1975) in Ha village No 1, An Chau commune to build a new house.

Lan’s husband passed away due to a serious illness 7 years ago, leaving her to raise up 2 little kids alone. Meanwhile she is suffered from congenital heart disease, Lan can not word too much. Three members in the family used to live in the damaged house.

After surveying the circumstance with the affirmation from the communal People’s Committee, Nga and group members called for the support of friends, relatives, businesses and kind-hearted people. The 60 square meter house has been completed among the happiness of the family and others.

Besides, Nguyen Thi Nga provides the sponsorship to many disadvantaged students. Within 3 years, she has made hundreds of near and far journeys. She said: “I just cannot realize the charity works without the support of my husband and children. Personally, I am a bridge to link the humanitarian hearts to suitable cases”.

With this thinking, Nga silently helps other people to enjoy more meaningful life.

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Nguyen Thi Nga, Bac Giang province, charity work, pay tribute to the life, good deed, successful treatment, Tireless journeys
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