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Reviving the hearts

(BGO) - Effectively managing and using the support budget and actively mobilizing resources from kind-hearted units and individuals, the Fund of Bac Giang For Children (FBFC) has helped many children with congenital heart diseases with surgery.

Joy comes back

Both Pham Tra My (born in 2014) and Pham Doan Minh (born in 2017) of the couple of Nguyen Thi Binh in My An commune (Luc Ngan district) have congenital heart disease. Previously, the children often got sick, coughed and had a fever for a long time. When taking them for examination, doctors concluded that both My and Minh had congenital ventricular septal defect.

Reviving the hearts, Bac Giang province, kind-hearted units, congenital heart diseases,  irregular heartbeats, free examinations

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Director of the Fund of Bac Giang For Children, presents money to support families whose children had congenital heart surgery.

Because of difficult family circumstances, Binh and her husband have not been able to take their children for surgery yet. Fortunately, in early 2017, Binh knew information about the congenital heart surgery support programme administered by the FBFC. The family received thorough and whole-hearted consultations from the Fund’s staff, who helped them complete procedures for heart surgery at the Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital.

In July 2017 and late 2018, Doan Minh and Tra My respectively had heart surgery. The two surgeries for My and Minh cost nearly 70 million VND (3,000 USD). Not only supporting the family with all expenses for the surgery, travel and accommodation costs, the FBFC also persuaded organizations and individuals to give more gifts such as clothes, confectionery and school supplies on the occasion of Lunar New Year.

One month old, Nguyen Tri Cuong (born in 2016) from Am village, Xuan Huong commune (Lang Giang district), suffered from continuous cough and fever and his health was weak. Taking his son to the provincial Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital for examination, Nguyen Van Giap (born in1984) – father of Cuong was informed by doctors that the child had congenital heart disease.

His wife and child were all sick and Giap's family faced many difficulties so one year later, with the support from the Fund, the operation was performed. After the surgery to fix ventricular septal defect, Cuong gradually became healthy, with ruddy skin and no coughing.

For no irregular heartbeats

These children are just a few of the hundreds of cases supported by the Fund of Bac Giang For Children in cooperation with organizations and units with the surgery to revive the defective hearts.

From the middle of 2008 or 2009, the Fund has implemented a campaign calling for congenital heart surgery support for children from many organizations, businesses and individuals. As a result, each year from 5 to 10 congenital heart surgeries for children were successfully performed, with each case having from 30, 50 to 70 percent of the cost covered by the Fund.

In order to have more children with congenital heart diseases getting surgery every year, the FBFC has cooperated with the E Hospital, the Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics and some local hospitals such as the provincial Obstetrtics and Pediatrics Hospital and the provincial General Hospital to organize 1 to 3 screenings for birth defects in districts and Bac Giang city. 

Thanks to these free examinations, many families promptly detected and treated children with congenital malformations and dangerous diseases such as cleft palate and motor impairment. Each programme saw the participation of professionally excellent doctors and synchronous equipment.

Since 2016, the Fund has been assigned by the provincial People's Committee to manage, coordinate, and use funds to support congenital heart examination and surgery for children in the province. On average, every year from 10 to 15 children get congenital heart surgery support, with each case supported 15 to 50 million VND and even 70 million VND.

In addition to being supported the entire surgery cost, each family with a child with congenital heart disease has also had accommodation and travel expenses covered by the Fund while caring for the patient.

Together with the implementation of provisions on support for children with congenital heart diseases, the Fund has also looked into each family's situation and then contacted with kind-hearted individuals and businesses to provide children with bicycles, scholarships, living tools and houses in order to help them have stable living conditions and an opportunity to go to school.

Artisan Hoac Cong Cho whole-heartedly dedicate to ancient Quan ho
(BGO) – The year 2019 marks 10 year period UNESCO recognized Quan ho (love duet folk singing) as the intangible cultural heritage of the humanity. For a decade, Bac Giang province has achieved positive results in preserving and promoting the value of Quan ho. The artisans or “the living treasures” have dramatic contribution to the general achievement, including the People’s artisan Hoac Cong Cho.
The heart of a health station head
(BGO) - For a long time, people in Tan Tien commune, Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) have known doctor Do Tien Khanh (born in1966 - photo) as not only a health station chief who has good professional skills and wholeheartedly works for the health of local people but also a person actively participating in humanitarian activities.
‘Che con ong’ - A heart-warming Vietnamese specialty
Vietnamese cuisine includes many types of che (pudding), including 'che con ong', which is called “honeycomb-shaped pudding” because the dish’s grains of rice resemble a hive of bees.
3,200 children provided free congenital heart defect screening under “Heart for Kids” program
(BGO)- Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics, the Vietnam Heart Fund of the Vietnam Television and the Military Industry - Telecommunications Group (Viettel) jointly held the voluntary program themed “Heart for Kids”, a free congenital heart defect screening programme for children under 16.
Bac Giang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital successfully performs surgery on 169 cases of congenital heart defects
(BGO) - Open and closed heart operation techniques were successfully transferred to the Bac Giang Obstetrics and Paediatrics Hospital in April 2015.  Over the past over 4 years, the hospital’s doctors have successfully performed surgery on 169 children diagnosed with ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus.

Tuyet Mai

Reviving the hearts, Bac Giang province, kind-hearted units, congenital heart diseases, irregular heartbeats, free examinations
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