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Nguyen Manh Hung and “zero dong" car trips

(BGO) - Over the past more than ten days, when knowing any cases with serious diseases and difficult circumstances, Nguyen Manh Hung (born in 1986, photo) in Quat Du 2 village, Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) has set out to make "zero dong" car trips.

"From now on, I will offer free car trips to transport patients with serious diseases to hospitals..." - this is the status attached with a contact phone number posted on the social network on November 5, 2019 of driver Nguyen Manh Hung.

Nguyen Manh Hung,“zero dong car trips

Nguyen Manh Hung

Sharing about this idea, Hung said, more than 10 years ago, his father suffered a stroke and was bedridden. His family situation was so difficult that he gave up his dream of entering university to go with his relatives to the southern province of Tay Ninh to work. After many years working away, in April 2019, he decided to return home and buy a taxi car as a means of living.

From trips to carry passengers to hospitals inside and outside the province, Hung witnessed many difficult cases due to severe illness. Sympathizing with those circumstances, he decided to launch "zero dong" car trips.

“When I said I would transport poor and disadvantaged patients for free, my parents supported me. They also experienced hardships due to sickness, so they understood the value of the help "- Hung confided.

Nguyen Manh Hung,“zero dong car trips

The status attached with a contact phone number posted on the social network on November 5, 2019 of driver Nguyen Manh Hung.

During the conversation, Hung received a call from Nguyen Thi Trang (born in 1988) in Hop Duc commune to ask him to take her husband to the Hanoi-based Bach Mai hospital to treat pancreatitis. Without any doubt, he accepted the proposal and decided to go on the next Thursday morning. On the same trip, he also carried a cancer patient in Viet Tien commune (Viet Yen district) to K Hospital in Hanoi.

Hung said that two weeks after he posted the information, almost every day he received phone calls asking for the "zero dong" car trips. After consideration, he made four trips to hospitals in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen and in the province.

Not only carrying patients with serious illness to the hospitals, Hung also helped two others who were in unexpected difficulties. About 3am on November 16, he received a call from a woman in Viet Ngoc commune (Tan Yen district) asking to take her daughter to hospital for labour. About 5 minutes after he took the pregnant woman to the Tan Yen district Health Center, the baby was born.

About 11:30pm on November 18, when it was raining, on the way home from work to the gas station area of Tan My commune (Bac Giang city), Hung saw a young man in a traffic accident lying in a puddle. Without hesitation, he and a resident took the victim to the car and carried him free of charge to the provincial General Hospital. Thanks to timely emergency, the victim, Luong Huy Hoang (born in 1989), from the Tan Mai residential area, Da Mai ward (Bac Giang city) escaped from the critical situation. His family is extremely grateful to the heart of the kind driver.

“Helping people with dangerous diseases and difficult circumstances is a way for me to repay life. I am not rich, but I want to help people who are poorer than me. I can only do what I can. Hopefully more people will join hands with me to offer more "zero dong" trips for those in need, Hung said.

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Nguyen Manh Hung,“zero dong" car trips
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