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The energetic and devoted teachers

(BGO) - Bac Giang province’s education sector has nearly 28,000 officials, teachers, employees and workers. Responding to patriotic emulation movements, many teachers have made high achievements in teaching, setting a good example of morality and energy for life.

Overcoming illness, showing dedication in each lecture

Working at the Viet Tien Secondary School (Viet Yen district), teacher Le Thi Hong Van (born in 1981) is recognized as a professionally excellent and energetic person. 

The energetic and devoted teachers, teacher Le Thi Hong Van, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan, teacher Bui Thi Thuy

Teacher Le Thi Hong Van (born in 1981) is recognized as a professionally excellent and energetic person. 

From teaching practice, she has researched and implemented many solutions such as: "Skills of reading and understanding texts of chronicles in teaching Literature at secondary school" and "Methods of teaching folklore according to specific genres" accredited by the provincial Department of Education and Training. She attained many achievements, including the title of provincial-level good Literature teacher for nine consecutive years (from 2011 to now). In order for students to be interested in the subject, before each lesson, Van often suggests and guides them, and raises questions and issues of concern to discuss in class. With her professional experience, she has been assigned by the school’s management board to foster excellent students. To date, the Literature department has had more than 30 students winning prizes at competitions for excellent students at district and provincial levels. Many students have won first and second prizes in national multi-subject integrated contests to solve real situations.

Behind these achievements was a great effort because she faced many difficulties in her life. In March 2018, Van underwent a surgery to remove a malignant breast tumor and many times of chemotherapy. Her body was exhausted, but when she got out of the hospital bed, she returned to the classroom, devoting herself to each lecture. Overcoming that challenge, the teacher is still full of optimism. Experiencing the pain and the journey to struggle against the hard-to-cure disease, she clearly understood that cancers can come from food, drinks or unhealthy daily routines. Thus, she proposed the school’s management board organize many seminars instructing officials, teachers and students how to prevent diseases. She instructs and spreads to everyone the way of living in optimism; doing exercise regularly; and using safe food that is rich in vitamins. In class, she loves and shares with her students more. “When I discovered the disease, I was very pessimistic. Sometimes I was angry, but I gradually realized that it was not helpful but more harmful. Since then, I have lived in a happy and healthy way. I control my emotions and am ready to help other people and spread love to make life more meaningful”.

The teacher of ethnic minority students

In 2009, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan (born in 1986) took a job at the Ethnic Boarding School in Luc Ngan district. Teaching the Physical Education - Biology, he realized that many students were afraid and embarrassed to practice. To solve this, he has always sought to innovate methods to attract them to participate in physical training lessons. Outside class, he organized a number of sports games in the mornings and afternoons for students to get physical exercise. 

The energetic and devoted teachers, teacher Le Thi Hong Van, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan, teacher Bui Thi Thuy

Teacher Bui Thanh Tuan has been repeatedly rewarded by the Minister of Education and Training.

Since 2013, he has been assigned by the school’s management board to train a team to compete at the provincial Phu Dong School Games. To achieve high results, many days both the teacher and his students eagerly practiced until 7 or 8p.m. He also spent part of his salary buying training equipment or drinks for athletes. Thanks to his efforts, in recent years, the Luc Ngan district Ethnic Boarding School has won many high prizes at the provincial Phu Dong School Games. For example, in the 2016-2017 school year, Lang Van Hoan bagged a gold medal in shuttlecock while Sam Thi Lien won the first prize in athletics.

The majority of students come from poor households far from school such as in Tan Son, Deo Gia, Cam Son and Ho Dap communes. The sixth graders are not familiar with the new environment so they often cry because of homesickness. Teacher Tuan always shares with and encourages them. As the Secretary of the school’s Youth Union, he is always taking the lead in the campaign to raise funds for Tet gifts for poor students by collecting scraps for savings or calling friends and relatives to support them with learning tools and books. In the Lunar New Year 2019, the school’s Youth Union raised nearly 20 gifts for disadvantaged students with outstanding academic achievements.

With his contributions, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan has been repeatedly rewarded by the Minister of Education and Training, the Chairman of Luc Ngan district People's Committee, and the district Youth Union’s Executive Committee. Recently, he was the only teacher of Bac Giang province honoured in the 'Sharing with teachers' programme 2019 organized in Hanoi by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs.

The preschool teacher with nearly 20 voluntary blood donations

In the list of people who donate blood many times introduced by the provincial Red Cross Society officials, there is a teacher named Bui Thi Thuy (born in 1971) from the Dinh Tri Kindergarten (Bac Giang city) who has made nearly 20 blood donations.

The energetic and devoted teachers, teacher Le Thi Hong Van, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan, teacher Bui Thi Thuy

Bui Thi Thuy has always been dedicated to her work.

After graduating from the Ngo Gia Tu Teachers Training College, kindergarten major, in 1996, Thuy worked at the Lang Son Kindergarten (Yen Dung district). She volunteered to donate blood for the first time in 2004. Recalling the time when she was working at the Lang Son Kindergarten, she said: “At that time, I thought simply that I participated in blood donation to meet the school's target and I was in good health so I helped others, when I needed it, someone would help me. After the first time with a little hesitation, I felt healthy and deeply understood the meaning of the saying "a drop of blood is given, a life is saved", so whenever a blood donation campaign was launched, I registered to participate in".

After witnessing many patients with dangerous diseases, including students aged 4-5 years old who need blood transfusions to prolong their lives, she has donated blood more often. She has also actively persuaded relatives and colleagues to engage in blood donation. Since 2010, she has been working at the Dinh Tri Kindergarten. The spirit of "giving love" of the compassionate teacher has spread to many colleagues. Every year, the Dinh Tri Kindergarten has 4 to 5 teachers registering to donate blood. At her place of residence, Thuy's family is an example in the voluntary blood donation movement. Her husband is currently an official of the People's Committee of Lang Son commune who has made more than 20 blood donations and his two sons have also donated blood since they were high school students. Many times, Thuy and her family have been praised by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross and the Red Cross Societies of the province and Bac Giang city.

Since she started her career, Thuy has determined that choosing a career as a preschool teacher is accepting hardships because she not only cares for pupils but also ensures their safety. Meeting the beliefs of the students' parents, during her working years, she has always been dedicated to her work, taking care of each meal, sleep, dance, drawing and painting act of pupils.

2 Bac Giang’s outstanding teachers honoured nationwide
(BGO)- Towards the 37th anniversary of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20 November (1982-2019), Vietnam National Education Union and Ministry of Education and Training jointly held a ceremony on 16 and 17 November in Hanoi to honour 184 outstanding teachers  nationwide in 2019 . Pham Thi Thanh Binh, a teacher of Literature of Bac Giang High School for the Gifted and Pham Thi Hoan, rector of Ngoc Son primary school, Hiep Hoa district are representatives of Bac Giang to be honoured. 
Project of Da Huong thousand year old tree wins first prize at Science and Technology Contest in Bac Giang city
(BGO) – The Division of Education and Training in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) has recently announced the result of the Science and Technology Contest for students at Secondary School in Bac Giang city in the academic year 2019 – 2020.

Mai Toan – Tuyet Mai

The energetic and devoted teachers, teacher Le Thi Hong Van, teacher Bui Thanh Tuan, teacher Bui Thi Thuy
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