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HCM City: Centralised database to connect all patients' records by 2025

All residents in Ho Chi Minh City will have electronic medical records connected to the database of the city's health facilities by 2025, according to the municipal People’s Committee.

The records will be compiled from 2019 to 2025 which was approved by Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem.

The database connections will ensure updated information on patients, and ultimately universal health coverage for all its residents.

HCM City, Centralised database, patients' records, electronic medical records, health facilities, universal health coverage

Patients receive physical therapy at District 11 Hospital in HCM City.

By 2022, the city will collect initial data on residents’ health including name, age, gender, birth, address, ID, and medical history. The data will be updated year-by-year until 2025.

After collecting and setting up the data, relevant agencies will analyse and carry out a surveillance health index of residents to evaluate disease scenarios in the city.

Artificial intelligence will be applied in research and will forecast trends relating to health. Then suitable strategies to improve health of residents will be suggested.

The committee has instructed relevant agencies to increase investment in IT infrastructure to ensure data security.

Software used for electronic medical records will have to match the city’s electronic architecture and the Ministry of Health’s technical standards.

The software will also be used widely and be compatible with relevant health information systems.

When a health facility admits a patient, it will be responsible to search for information related to their health and medical history in the system and update their medical information in their electronic medical records.

According to the committee, via electronic medical records, patients will be examined and treated more rapidly and accurately.

When typing the code of a patient’s electronic medical record, doctors will access the latest information about the patient, helping them improve diagnosis and treatment.

Residents in the city will also have access and be aware of their records so they can be proactive in maintaining their health.

A steering board, which will be set up for the implementation of electronic medical records, will include managers of agencies in health, IT and other sectors.

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Source: VNA

HCM City, Centralised database, patients' records, electronic medical records, health facilities, universal health coverage
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