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Bac Giang health workers donate blood to save patients

(BGO) - In cases of emergency when patients are in critical condition and need immediate blood transfusion, many doctors and nurses in hospitals in Bac Giang province not only focus on giving optimal treatment methods but also voluntarily donate blood to save their lives.

Giving life

The joy of welcoming the new spring is multiplied for the family of Nguyen Thi Ngoc in Thuong Thang commune (Hiep Hoa district), as she has just been saved by the blood of doctors and nurses. Witnessing the moment between life and death of their relative, her family members moved to tears by the noble action of the medical staff.

Bac Giang province, health workers, donate blood, save patients, critical condition, immediate blood transfusion, optimal treatment methods

A leader of the Department of Health commends and rewards the medical staff of the Bac Giang Women’s and Children Hospital for donating blood to save patients.

In the days leading up to Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, Ngoc had to enter the Hiep Hoa district Medical Center for emergency in severe abdominal pain, with unmeasured blood pressure. After examination and laboratory tests, doctors diagnosed the patient with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

Obstetricians decided to conduct an emergency surgery to save the patient. What made them worried was that the patient lost too much blood while the blood type AB was scarce during Tet.

Those on duty reviewed the blood type of each doctor and nurse. Fortunately, there were two medical workers sharing the same blood type AB with the patient. They were Do Thi Anh, nurse of the Surgery Department, and Nguyen Mai Huong, nurse of Luong Phong commune’s Health Station. The patient received blood transfusion and went through critical condition when it was just morning. The nurses rushed into their shifts on the new day.

Donating blood to save patients has become a regular deed of health officials and workers in Bac Giang. Many doctors, nurses and technicians have made dozens of blood donations and joined live blood banks to cure patients.

“Whenever someone with the same blood type needed an urgent blood transfusion while the hospital's reserve was not enough, I was willing to donate my blood. At that time, saving people was important, so not only me but many other doctors and nurses often provided both emergency care and blood for patients”. It was shared by specialist level 2 Dam Van Hung from the Division of General Planning (the Bac Giang Women’s and Children Hospital). During his 15 years of work, he has offered 13 blood donations to pregnant women who were in critical condition.

Besides pregnant women, many patients who met traffic accidents, industrial accidents, gastrointestinal bleeding, coagulopathy, congenital hemolytic anemia and dengue fever also need emergency transfusions, requiring live blood banks in hospitals.

Staying ready for patients

In order to prepare blood supply for patients, especially during Tet holiday, medical examination and treatment facilities in the province have established a network of live blood banks from their medical staff. By January 2020, all hospitals and health centers in districts and Bac Giang city already had their own live blood banks, attracting many volunteers.

Bac Giang province, health workers, donate blood, save patients, critical condition, immediate blood transfusion, optimal treatment methods

Medical staff from the provincial General Hospital donate blood.

In 2019, the whole province had 28 health workers directly donating blood to patients. The most difficult thing in emergency blood transfusion was seen in cases of haemophilia and patients with rare blood types such as O (Rh-) and AB (Rh-). At this time, in addition to mobilizing staff in the sector, doctors also contacted the provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion’s rare-type blood club to find a suitable blood donor.

To encourage blood donors, the provincial Department of Health and Red Cross Society have repeatedly awarded extraordinary prizes to emergency teams, doctors, nurses, technicians, and medical workers who volunteered to donate blood.

Recently, the Department of Health has presented its Certificate of Merit to Ninh Thi Mien, an employee of the Accounting - Finance Department (the Viet Yen district Health Center), for giving 250 ml of blood to patient Pham Thi Dung from Thanh Hung district (Dien Bien province), who received emergency care at the Viet Yen district Health Center. These are examples of kindness, showing the sense of responsibility of the medical staff for the patients’ lives.

Voluntary blood donation campaign on Tet holiday and Red Spring Festival launched
(BGO) – The voluntary blood donation campaign (VBDC) on Tet holiday and Red Spring Festival were launched on December 29 at Bac Giang  city under the joint collaboration of the Steering Board for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang province, some organizations and agencies.
Red Sunday blood donation drive to collect 50,000 blood units
About 50,000 units of blood are expected to be collected during the 12th “Red Sunday”, a blood donation campaign, which began in Hanoi on December 22.
Red Sunday expected to collect 50,000 blood units
Organisers expect to collect at least 50,000 units of blood during “Chu Nhat Do 2020” (Red Sunday), a blood donation festival, which will kick off on December 22 in Hanoi.
Bac Giang city honors 194 outstanding blood donors
(BGO) – The Steering Board for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) on September 26 held a ceremony to honor the outstanding individual and collective blood donors in 2019.
“2019 Summer red blood campaign ” receives over 12,000 safe blood units
(BGO) – The Steering Board for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in the northern province of Bac Giang on August 27 – 28 held VBD festival in 2019 in Son Dong district.

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Bac Giang province, health workers, donate blood, save patients, critical condition, immediate blood transfusion, optimal treatment methods
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