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Festivals suspended due to threat of coronavirus

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has called on localities nationwide to suspend festivals and other big public events in an attempt to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (nCoV).

Within a document issued on January 31, the Ministry directed local departments of information, culture, sports and tourism, to closely coordinate with the departments of health, sectors, and organisations to keep updated on the situation and to popularise the information and preventive measures to locals and visitors.

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Visitors on double-decker city tour buses around Hanoi are being provided with free medical masks to protect themselves from coronavirus threat.

The Ministry also asked to cancel public events that may attract large crowds, such as festivals, if needed. Local People's Committees are advised to make considerations on whether or not to postpone or cancel festivals due to the current situation of the localities.

In response to the document, Tuyen Quang’s provincial authorities have announced the cancelling of big festivals in the locality, including Long Tong (Going to the Field) Festival in Chiem Hoa District, Dong Tien Festival in Ham Yen District.

The Phu Ninh Buffalo Fighting Festival, which is celebrated in Phu Tho Province on the eighth and ninth days of the first lunar month, will be suspended this year.

The provincial authorities also announced that they will stop receiving international tourists, particularly Chinese visitors, and are suspending outbound trips to regions hit by the epidemic as part of its efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

In the same move, the Vietnam Writers Association has decided to postpone the annual Poetry Day, which is normally held on the 15th day of the first lunar month, due to the spread of coronavirus. The organisers will announce the new date for the event when the threat posed by the new virus subsides.

Also, on December 31, the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee hosted an online conference to with Front’s local chapters in 63 provinces and cities nationwide in order to popularise Prime Minister's Directive and the Secretariat’s Official Dispatch No.79/CV-TW, which calls on the intensification of measures against the acute respiratory illness caused by the new strain of coronavirus.

The Hanoi Transport and Services Corporation (Transerco) launched a programme on January 30 to provide visitors who join double-decker city tour buses around Hanoi with free medical masks and updated information on the thread of nCoV.

PM directs preventive measures against corona virus
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued Notice No.121/CD-TTg on intensifying prevention measures against the acute respiratory illness caused by a new strain of corona virus.
Vietnam, France partner in producing vaccines against livestock diseases
Vietnamese agencies have joined hands with a French partner on the research and production of vaccines against the African swine fever (ASF) and foot and mouth disease (FMD).
Over 4.5 billion VND raised to support children with heart diseases
More than 4.5 billion VND (193,826 USD) was raised for poor children with heart diseases through a text message campaign carried out by the Vietnam Television (VTV) and the National Humanitarian Portal 1400 from November 1 to December 30, 2019.
Nearly 5,200 children with congenital heart diseases receive free surgery
Over the past eleven years, free surgeries have been provided to nearly 5,200 children under the age of 16 who are suffering from congenital heart diseases and are living in difficult circumstances under the ‘Hearts for you’ programme.
Prospects from disease-free orange intensive farming model
(BGO) - In 2017, the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) was approved to deploy the project "Building the model of intensive farming of V2 and CS1 disease-free orange varieties in Lang Giang district” with a total budget of 2.3 billion VND (99,320 USD). After nearly 3 years of implementation, the project has achieved good results.

Source: NDO

threat of coronavirus, big public events, festivals, preventive measures, deadly virus
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