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Bring lovingness to poor student

(BGO) – Looking at the bright face of 12 year old boy Nguyen Van Cuong with special passion for study, few people knew that he used to live as a disappointed vagrant. If it was not the humane arm of teacher Tran Thi Tap, Head Mistress of Viet Lap Primary School (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province), no one would imagine how is the boy now.

In late May, 2019, the social network Facebook posted information of a lost boy at his 11. The image of bewildered boy at dark night haunted many people. Via the social network, teacher Tran Thi Tap knew that he lived in the same commune as hers and contacted to all teachers and Association of Students’ Parents at the school to search for information about his family.

Bac Giang province, poor student, special passion for study, teacher Tran Thi Tap, Viet Lap Primary School,  charity and humanity activities

Teacher Tran Thi Tap hands over the bicycles to poor students from the donation of kind-hearted organizations and individuals.

With the support from Giap Van Trung, Head of the Association of Students’ Parents living at the same village with Cuong, teacher Tap knew that the boy has grandmother and mother but they must send him to Yen Lien pagoda in Minh Duc commune (Viet Yen district) due to the difficult circumstance.

“The boy was born in 2008, at the same age as my child but he cannot go to school and lived without family care for long time. So miserable!” shared Tap.

Thus, she discussed with Tung to ask Cuong’s grandmother and report to Viet Lap communal People’s Committee, district Division of Education and Training to pick him up from the pagoda to foster at the school.

Bac Giang province, poor student, special passion for study, teacher Tran Thi Tap, Viet Lap Primary School,  charity and humanity activities

Nguyen Van Cuong.

Several relatives and neighbours said he is a naughty boy. Cuong even kept the bad habit and lifestyle at the initial stage at the school due to the lack of lovingness and teaching.

With the kindness of a mother and a teacher, Tap opened her arms to help him. She suggested the Administrative Board of the school to arrange a room for Cuong at the school and asked the guard to take an eye on him.

Personally, the Head Mistress closely cared for his meal, sleep as well as tenderly taught the boy from the smallest thing. Apart from the class curriculum, teacher Tap provided Cuong with life skill lessons.

He can join several courses of swimming, martial art, football clubs, chess...launched by the school free of charge. Particularly, the Head Mistress took him to enjoy the summer vacation with the teachers or her family to improve the living skill.

The lovingness, protection and teaching made Cuong become vivacious, obedient and sociable.

Bac Giang province, poor student, special passion for study, teacher Tran Thi Tap, Viet Lap Primary School,  charity and humanity activities

Teacher Tap joins voluntary blood donation campaign.

Acknowledging that the child care cannot be guaranteed as the regulation of the Law of Children if Cuong stays at the school, the Women’s Association at all levels actively engaged and coordinated with the Division of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, communal People’s Committee, school and agencies to persuade his grandmother to pick him up to raise at home with the support from others, including teacher Tap. The school still provides lunches and studying tools for Cuong.

Thanks to the support from the collectives and individuals, after paying for the studying cost, teacher Tap made a saving fund for Cuong for later study. Knowing Tap’s good deed, the authorities, sectors and localities joined hands to present him bicycle and studying tool.

The naughty boy in the past now becomes good student at class 3A adored by teachers and friends.

Apart from Cuong, teacher Tap also supports many difficult students, actively appeals and donates to the local charity and humanity activities.

Thousands of students experience traditional Tet
(BGO) - Aiming to help students understand more about the Vietnamese traditional New Year festival (or Tet), a number of youth unions, associations and schools have organised many activities to experience tradition of Tet like making Banh chung (square glutinous rice cake), arranging Tet dishes table and five-fruit tray.
Students winning national competition – examples in overcoming difficulties
(BGO) - In the joy of welcoming the Year of the Rat, the Bac Giang High School for the Gifted is happier when its students won 62 prizes at the national competition for excellent students in the 2019-2020 school year. Among the 13 second prize winners (there is no first prize), Bac Giang Newspaper would like to introduce some typical students who overcome difficulties and attained high achievements in learning and other school activities.
Bac Giang wins 62 prizes at national contest for excellent students
(BGO) – The Ministry of Education and Training on January 15 announced the result of national contest for excellent students in the academic year 2019 – 2020. 62 students in Bac Giang province won prize including 12 second prizes, 31 third prizes and 19 consolidation prizes.
Two female students in Bac Giang receive “January Star” Award
(BGO) - The "January Star" Award is presented annually by the Vietnam Students Association to recognize the outstanding achievements of youth union and association cadres in studying, training and dedicating to the student and youth movements. For Bac Giang, this year's "January Star" Award was given to two female students, Le Ngoc Oanh from the Ngo Gia Tu Bac Giang College and Phung Thi Duyen from the Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University.
Houses handed over to impoverished students in Son Dong
(BGO) – The Fund for Protection of Children’s Rights (FPCR) in Bac Giang province has recently handed over two houses to the families of Nguyen Thi Hong (born in 2008) in Man village, An Lap commune and Ha Thi Huong Tra (born in 2005) in Dong Phe village, An Chau commune (Son Dong district). 

Giap Thi Hien

Bac Giang province, poor student, special passion for study, teacher Tran Thi Tap, Viet Lap Primary School, charity and humanity activities
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