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To live is to give

(BGO) – Mai Thi Hoa (born in 1983) is now Chairwoman of Humanitarian Bridge Club in Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) and Woman’s Union in Nha Nam town. In 2019, Hoa was one of the young officers honored by the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee at the ceremony to praise the outstanding individuals and collectives in following late President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and character in 2018 – 2019.  

After graduating the Institute of Finance, Hoa was predestined to the tasks relating to woman and charity activities at the locality. In 2016, she was elected as Chairwoman of the Women’s Union in Nha Nam town and called “creative officer”.

Bac Giang province, Mai Thi Hoa, Humanitarian Bridge Club, outstanding individuals and collectives, creative officer, vocational training course

Mai Thi Hoa presents fabric face masks to the local residents in Nha Nam town (Tan Yen district) to help prevent and control the disease.

Annually, the district Women’s Association instructs the local grass roots units to list the members who want to join vocational training course. After the survey, Hoa saw that most of the members in the town do their own business and trade for living and only few people work at field.

Thus, she discussed with the Executive Board of the Women’s Union in the town to open the training course on make up, manicure and eyelash making for the difficult women or children of local poor household.

The first course in the middle of 2016 attracted over 20 difficult members in the local and other adjacent areas. Hoa spent one month salary of 3 million VND (130 USD) to buy the tool for their practice.

After 3 months, most of the trainees got acquaintance to the career then were granted with the certificate of participation. Now, Nguyen Thi Hong Chiem, Hoang Thi Ngoc, Vi Thi Trang, Tran Thi Huyen in Nha Nam town are able to open their own beauty salon from startup supporting capital controlled by the provincial Women’s Association. Meanwhile, other members find suitable jobs in Hanoi city, Bac Giang city and other localities.

Each year, the Women’s Union in Nha Nam town open two vocational training courses to the members and children of disadvantaged women. In 2019, Hoa consulted to organize additional career of bartender and baker. The suitable change in vocational training course helped more graduated trainees find jobs while the course become more effective, suitable to the local situation and reduce the waste.

To diverse the method of support the women, Hoa also proposed to hand over the means of living to the needy women. Accordingly, the members were provided with working tool, means of transport like bicycle, sugar mill, table...

Bac Giang province, Mai Thi Hoa, Humanitarian Bridge Club, outstanding individuals and collectives, creative officer, vocational training course

I am so lucky because my family, especially my mother in law and husband wholehearted support me to join the social work. Sometimes, all members in my family packed the donated things to present the needy cases. I wish I can give a little hand to the life”

Mai Thi Hoa

Aiming at an effective implementation, Hoa and the Executive Board of the Women’s Union visited each household, listed each case and persuaded the members in 6 units of Tien Thang, Tan Quang, Tan Hoa, Lao Dong, Bung and Bai to organize self waste classification and collections at home then sell them to raise fund.

Thanks to the fund, the Women’s Union in the town has helped 22 women and families of many other members for 3 years.

Mai Thi Hoa is not only active in women task but she also acts as Chairwoman of the Humanitarian Bridge Club (Club) in Tan Yen district. She and 20 members have called for various sources to present gifts to the impoverished cases in the district.

The Club provides free meals to the patients under treatment at the district Medical Center once per month while launching many programmes to hand over the donated books, clothes and studying tools to students in the districts of Lang Giang, Luc Nam, Yen The and the provinces of Ha Giang and Yen Bai.

Motivation supports women to escape from poverty
(BGO) – To help poor women improve their life, TYM Fund which is a Humanitarian Microfinance Institution founded by the Vietnam Women’s Union has provided the preferential loan to support house construction and created motivation for the women in the northern province of Bac Giang to develop the economy, mange and use the capital effectively. 
Two Vietnamese among world's 100 most influential women
Founder of a vocational training center for disabled people, Van Thi Nguyen, and conservationist Trang Nguyen are in the BBC 100 women 2019 list.
Women union joins hands to reduce plastic waste
(BGO) – Thanks to suitable communication, the Women’s Union in Bac Giang city (Bac  Giang province) have gradually changed the awareness and habit of each person and family to reduce the plastic waste to protect the environment. 
Vietnam, Australia cooperate in empowering women in foreign service
Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade co-organised a forum in Hanoi on October 3 to promote women’s empowerment in the foreign service in the digital age.
Vietnam leads ASEAN in women's employment
Vietnam is leading ASEAN in terms of the percentage of working women in total employment, according to a report by the ADB and OECD.

Tuyet Mai

Bac Giang province, Mai Thi Hoa, Humanitarian Bridge Club, outstanding individuals and collectives, creative officer, vocational training course
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