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Dream to shake Headmaster’s hand helps Bac Giang youth become leader

(BGO) – The Forbes Vietnam’s 30 under 30 list in 2020 named a young man born in 1992 in the northern province of Bac Giang. As one of 5 founders of the project “Book and Action” launched in 2013, he became its Chairman in 2018. The project has established 260 book clubs with more than 5,000 members in the universities and colleges across 29 provinces and cities.

In the period 2014 – 2018, it helped create community book library with more than 40,000 books for free reading and borrowing. Its leader is Nguyen Van An who came to the community work from a special determination of “revenge”.

Headmaster, shake hand, Bac Giang youth, Bac Giang province, Forbes Vietnam, 30 under 30 list, Book and Action Club, reading culture

Nguyen Van An (white T-shirt) joins a Book and Action gala.

“Previously, I was a diffident student with a few words at the high school (Yen Dung 2 High School). Though I was quite good at study, I only rank top 5 or top 10 in the school examinations. At that time, I felt affected when other friends were provided reward and handshake by the Headmaster,” An shared.

“Later on, I joked my friends that at the university, I will determine to revenge by doing a special thing so that when I return to my high school, I can honourably shake the Headmaster’s hand,” said An.

And he started to do the “special thing” in the third year at the Hanoi University of Technology. An and 4 students at other universities joined hands together to realize their plan. The group tried their best to research and learn from the actual model to build and complete the orientation for their project.

Headmaster, shake hand, Bac Giang youth, Bac Giang province, Forbes Vietnam, 30 under 30 list, Book and Action Club, reading culture

Chairman of Book and Action Club (center) in a marathon event to encourage the reading culture.

After the TransViet marathon with the message to encourage people to read books and call for donation to build free bookshelf..., they built first Book and Action Club in November 2013 at a Hanoi based University.

In early 2014, the first Book and Action Club at high school was established at Yen Dung 2 High School where An studied so as to realize his dream. Now, the diffident student in the past not only shakes hand but also accompanies with the teachers in meaningful activities and campaign.

However, the Club faced several difficulties in the first days because the school feared of infeasible project. The Club’s founders paid consecutive visit to Bac Giang province and persuaded the students to keep its operation.

Knocking at nearly 500 schools, Nguyen Van An and volunteers supported, consulted and built nearly 260 book clubs at the educational establishments.

Each Book and Action Club consists of two major activities. “Book” part requires the volunteers to create the book reading habit and help the students to access to more books. The activities of “Book day”, “Book night”...provide the youth with chance to share and discuss about the books and topics of life. Besides, the project features various events like book contest and book festival among others.

The “Action part” includes such activities of book donation and fund raising via waste collecting and selling, organizing marathon and training events...

Headmaster, shake hand, Bac Giang youth, Bac Giang province, Forbes Vietnam, 30 under 30 list, Book and Action Club, reading culture

The Bac Giang young man targets to found 1,000 Book and Action Clubs across the nation.

The young leader shared the project has helped many youths access to chances in study and life. Thanks to grasping the information, many students in far away provinces could search for the scholarship to study and work abroad.

Also, the establishment and effective operation of Book and Action Clubs created the belief to other clubs in the universities and high schools, hence significantly contributing to founding the club ecosystem at the rural high schools.

The Bac Giang born man sets a target to establish 1,000 Book and Action Clubs nationwide in the future.

Bac Giang invests in grassroots-level libraries, develops reading culture
(BGO) - On December 7, a working delegation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism led by Vu Duong Thuy Nga, Director of the ministry’s Library Department, had a fact-finding tour of Bac Giang province to evaluate the 2- year of implementation of a project to develop reading culture in the community until 2020, with orientation toward 2030 in Bac Giang province.
Spreading spirit of poverty escape
(BGO) - Although they still face difficulties in life, many households in Bac Giang province have voluntarily applied for escaping poverty. These are beautiful actions, demonstrating the will to rise by internal force and eliminating the thought of ​​relying on State support of each family.
Spreading green lifestyle
(BGO) – In response to the plastic waste prevention campaign launched by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in Bac Giang province (Youth Union), several units and local youths have taken the first steps to restrict the usage of single use plastic. The small action partly helps create the green lifestyle to actively protect the environment. 
Honouring typical collective and individual blood donors: Spreading humane values
(BGO) - On June 13, the Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation of Bac Giang province held a ceremony to honour collective and individual blood donors in 2019. The annual event aims to honour and dignify the humane values ​​of blood donation.
Spreading the "White Blouse – Red Heart" movement
(BGO) - In critical situations, many doctors and nurses at hospitals in Bac Giang province are willing to donate blood to help patients overcome the "a close brush with death" condition, contributing to building the image of "doctors like gentle mothers".

Source: Vietnamnet

Headmaster, shake hand, Bac Giang youth, Bac Giang province, Forbes Vietnam, 30 under 30 list, Book and Action Club, reading culture
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