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Bac Giang completes making personal health record: Timely and effectively control and cure patients

(BGO) – Bac Giang is now one of the provinces in the country quickly completing the general health examination to make the public health record. Recently, the Medical Centers in the districts and city are inputting the data to the software to provide each citizen with an electronic health record.


After completing the general health examination to the people in the city, in February 2020, the Medical Center in Bac Giang city accelerated the input progress of personal data into the management software.

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The people in Phuong Son commune (Luc Ngan district) are examined to make the health record.

Now, the software is partly integrated in such information of vaccination, health checkup, helping ease the health insurance payment at the levels of district and commune.

The general health examination helped the Medical Center in Bac Giang city to detect nearly 1,000 people suffering from chronic diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease...) and acute diseases which the patient yet to know for long time.

Not only in Bac Giang city but all districts also completed the general health checkup for the people. Particularly, Yen The district fulfilled in 2017, Yen Dung district completed in 2018 while other localities conducted in 2019.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong, Vice Head of the Medical Profesional Division (Department of Health) said during the procedure of making personal health record, most of the normal diseases were early detected and treated at the first facility to reduce the complication and ease the workload at higher level.

Besides, the intergration of patients’ health profile among the levels helps the doctor provide more correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

Completing the last stage

Now, the Medical Center in the districts and city are coordinating with Viettel Bac Giang to finish the last stage of data integration to provide each citizen with an e-health record that allows his/her to use the personal identification code to search for information via smart devices (computer and telephone).

However, the application of information technology into managing the public health record at the medical centers is limited, according to the medical sector’s evaluation.

The software provided by Viettel can integrate only a part of data instead of synchronizing all information in the hospital file with the higher medical establishment.

Though the computers are fully equipped, several departments and divisions of the medical centers in the districts and communes still use old device with backward configuration, unstable wifi system while the human resources need to be further trainned.

The most concerning issue was that the initial health checkup to gather the first information was done simply at several localities, especially at the communes and towns with dense population.

At this time, it is important to sufficiently make the e-health record to all residents, ensure each person to have an individual code integrating to all of medical centers across the nation. The health detail will be further added in the next checkups.

To effectively operating the management system of public health record, Vice Director of the Department of Health Tu Quoc Hieu said the medical sector has instructed the medical centers at the districts and city to closely coordinate with Viettel Bac Giang to correctly input the data.

The business is requested to supply the additional software system to manage the e-health record, adjust the software to integrate and extract sufficient information and data among the medical facilities nationwide, especially ensuring its stable operation with quick access.

The health staff should highlight the responsibility to instruct the residents to additionally supply personal information in each time of health examination and treatment. Moreover, the healthcare facilities should immediately upgrade the information technology system in line with technical standard so as to realize the e-health record and ensure the integration and synchronization among the facilities providing health checkup and treatment.

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Bac Giang province, personal health record, control and cure patients, general health examination, public health record, electronic health record
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