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Bac Giang continues preparing conditions in response to many people returning from Covid-19 affected area

(BGO) – On March 5, the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) held meeting to the departments, sectors, People’s Committees in the districts and city about Covid -19 prevention and control. The PPC Vice Chairman and Vice Head of the Standing Board of the provincial Steering Committee for prevention and control of the acute respiratory disease Le Anh Duong chaired the event. 

At the meeting, Vice Director of the Health Department Tu Quoc Hieu informed that more than 4,600 foreigners are now staying in the province, including nearly 3,300 Chinese, 1,100 Korean, 44 Japanese...

Bac Giang province, preparing conditions, many people, Covid-19 affected area, prevention and control, acute respiratory disease

PPC Vice Chairman Le Anh Duong instructs the meeting.

There are 10,400 Vietnamese people returning from China, 168 cases from Republic of Korea. As of 5 pm on March 5, the province had 392 people within the isolation period.

The participants said the number of citizens travelling from and to China via the small road and open path are increasing. Some cases visiting Luc Nam and Luc Ngan districts from the affected areas were isolated too late. Others moved from the affected areas to non-affected country then returned to Vietnam so that they can avoid the isolation condition.

Concluding the meeting, PPC Vice Chairman Le Anh Duong acknowledged the localities’ effective control and isolate the people returning from the affected areas while thoroughly preparing the condition for the laborers, students at high schools, vocational school, colleges and university to come back normal activities of study and production.

Currently, the epidemic still has complicated development and encounters challenging stage to fight against several epicenters besides China. The provincial leader urged all levels and sectors to highly focus on preventing and controlling the epidemic with effective measurement to monitor the situation of many cases returning from the affected area.

The districts with many locals staying abroad such as Luc Ngan and Luc Nam should have measure to receive and isolate the suspected case at the districts to be ready to deal with the worst case if any.

Bac Giang province, preparing conditions, many people, Covid-19 affected area, prevention and control, acute respiratory disease

PPC Vice Chairman Le Anh Duong inspects the disease prevention and control at Bo Ha High School (Yen The district).

The migrant to the province should be strictly supervised on daily basic who will be requested to fill in the medical record, check the temperature and passport to have a quick classification to put into concentrated isolation if needed.

At this moment, all subjects from China, Korea, Italy and Iran are compulsory to put in concentrated isolation.

The departments, sectors, districts and city were urged to firmly grasp the situation, especially the time of arrival to actively apply the preventive and isolated measures as well as avoid confusing the community and causing bad impact on local investment environment and international cooperation.

At the same day, PPC Vice Chairman led the provincial working delegation to inspect the Covid-19 prevention at Yen The district.

Bac Giang’s Disease Control Center to test Covid-19 since February 21
(BGO) – Bac Giang is one of 9 provinces and cities instructed by the Ministry of Health to review, reinforce the facilities, equipment, man power, biosafety level II at the testing laboratory in the provincial Disease Control Center (Center) to conduct Covid-19 test.
Bac Giang accompanies enterprises to overcome difficulties amid Covid-19 outbreak
(BGO)- Outbreak of the acute respiratory disease caused by novel corona virus (Covid-19) has dramatically affected operation of many enterprises in the northern province of Bac Giang especially those import materials from China. Facing this situation, the provincial competent agencies have been accompanying with the enterprises to gradually overcome difficulties while supporting the production and business.
Bac Giang DoFA provides Chinese quick learning handbooks in combating Covid-19
(BGO)- The Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA) in Bac Giang province has published 60 Chinese quick learning handbooks related to Covid-19 prevention for the officers and soldiers on missions in the foreigners’ isolated area. 
Bac Giang focuses on controlling and monitoring health condition of people coming from Covid-19 affected area
(BGO) – As of February 12, Bac Giang province has 15 Covid-19 suspected cases (new strain of coronavirus as called by the World Health Organization since February 12), in which 14 people tested negative to the virus and 1 case is waiting for the test result who is monitored at the provincial General Hospital with stable condition.

Minh Thu

Bac Giang province, preparing conditions, many people, Covid-19 affected area, prevention and control, acute respiratory disease
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