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Each page per day for children

(BGO) – To widespread the reading culture in the community, many young families in Bac Giang province have introduced the book to their children in early childhood, which help the kids avoid the electronic devices, form healthy habit to practice the mind and actively support the study. 

Since the older daughter Than Thu Anh (born in 2012) was two years old, Nguyen Thu Huong in Ngo Quyen ward (Bac Giang city) has bought her several picture stories and books with eye catching figures. When she was at the first grade and able to read the book, the couple encourage Anh to read stories for her little sister that naturally help her review the lessons and gradually establish the reading habit.

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The children read books at the provincial Library in Bac Giang province.

Besides, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha in My Cau village, Tan My commune (Bac Giang city) often takes her son, 9 year old Trinh Phu Quang to the book store so that he can choose his favourite books. The boy loves to learn about the discovery science and reading book helps him widen his word and communicate with other more confidently.

As a book lover, Trinh Thi Thinh in Phu My 1 residential group in Dinh Ke ward (Bac Giang city) owns a bookself with diverse genres. When she got married with two son, Pham Tien Thanh at class 3E in Dinh Ke Primary School and Pham Nam Truong (6 years old), she bought several children books. The little boys show special passion for books on animal and amazing world.

Recently, Thinh has joined the Facebook group “Parents love children – Reading book everyday”. Most of the books Thinh selected are English books, fairy tale and living skill. Everyday, she keeps reading 3 pages of book or picture book (less than 400 words) to the sons then instructs them to summarise the stories by their own understanding.

It helps the children promote their imagination, practice the memory, reduce the time to contact to electronic device causing harm to the eyes.

Other families like Hoang Thi Thao in Tan An town (Yen Dung district), Nguyen Duc Chung in Voi town (Lang Giang district)...also guide their children to read book at early childhood. Many young families in Bac Giang city hold regular meetings so that their kids can exchange the good and useful information in the read book.

Regarding the benefit of early reading, Nguyen Dac Hong, Director of the provincial Library said: “If the children contacts to book early, they will consider it as an entertainment way. With the curiosity , reading book to gain new knowledge helps them thoroughly develop and support the study later”.

With the motto “each page per day”, the launching of reading culture movement in the community is warmly welcomed by the young families. To widespread the movement, the provincial Library coordinated with the provincial Youth Federation organized 5 book introducing events, book reading festival and book market at same price in 2019 that drew thousands of readers.

The provincial Library also revamped and decorated the reading rooms for children and add more new books to meet their demand and interest.

To help widespread the reading culture in the community, in the upcoming time, the provincial Library will further coordinate with agencies to organize various activities of book introduction, exchanging with famous authors, maintaining the Book and Action Clubs at the schools, providing reading cards to families, youth members and students with free or discount charge.

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Each page per day, for children, Bac Giang province, provincial Library, book reading, reading culture, healthy habit
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