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Bac Giang’s high schools and regular educational centers stabilize routine and pay due attention to final graders

(BGO) – As soon as 57,000 students at high schools and regular educational centers in Bac Giang province returned to schools after one month absence, the educational establishements have applied several measure to stablize the routine, ensure the teaching quality and pay due attention to the final graders. 

From March 2, the students at provincial high schools and regular educational centers returned to school. The Ministry of Education and Training adjusted the finish time of academic year 2019 – 2020 up to June 30 while the national high school examination will be slated on July 26-27.

Bac Giang province, high schools, regular educational centers,  stabilise routine, final graders, Covid - 19

Teacher and students at Tu Son High School (Luc Nam district) on a Maths lesson.

The Department of Education and Training (DoET) also informed to delay the time to organize the provincial contest for excellent students till the end of March, the entrance exam for the 10 grader in the academic year 2020-2021 up to August 2020.

Also, the DoET issued the instruction to the educational facilities to conduct multi-solutions to early stabilize the routine and ensure the teaching quality.

The academic year was delayed one month that was the same as the previous absent time, thus causing no impact on the teaching and studying curriculum. However, the long absent time affected the studying spirit and interrupt the knowledge receipt process while many important exams are waiting ahead.

At Yen Dung 3 High School, Maths teacher Nguy Phan Tien said: “Though we do not have to increase the lessons to compensate the curriculum, the long absent period made some student distracted from the lesson and forget the knowledge. Now the tutoring lesson is only for the 12th graders. We take the afternoon to further foster the students so as to help them review and systemize the old knowledge and well receive the new one”.

This year, the educational sector instructed the school to focus on renovating the teaching method so as to suit the actual situation, encourage the application of information technology into teaching and studying online or via other social networks (Zalo, Facebook, Email).

The DoET has coordinated with Viettel Bac Giang and VNPT Bac Giang to launch the online teaching and studying system. According to teacher Le Van Luc, Vice Headmaster of the school, though all students were off from the school as the instruction from the provincial authority, the school still organized 2 tests on online software to assess the ability of nearly 1,500 students from grade 10 to grade 12 in February.

The result was announced right after that, helping teachers and students to know the current knowledge level and shortcoming to be recovered.

Recently, VNPT Bac Giang has launched the free online teaching and studying system, namely VNPT E-Learning that provides testing practice part for the final graders.

Recently, the Division of Politic and Ideology (DoET) has continuously updated the information about the students. From March 2-9, over 98 percent of students came back school while the absent ones had specific reason, none of whom was off due to Covid-19 relevant symptoms.

Bac Giang province, high schools, regular educational centers,  stabilise routine, final graders, Covid - 19

Students at Yen Dung No 3 High School focus on studying after coming back school.

At several facilities, the students strictly obeyed the discipline. After each studying day, the students in each class cleaned up the tables, benches, door, stair handrail with disinfectant.

The DoET continues organizing the inspection team to check up the school routine, epidemic prevention and control.

According to Nguyen Van Them, Vice Director of the DoET, the department requested the schools to strictly implement the preventive measures and teaching agenda to complete the academic year before June 30 as regulation.

Due attention should be paid to the final graders because they must join many important examination such as entrance exams to the 10th grade for the 9th graders and national high school exams for 12 graders.

Apart from direct teaching in the class, the school should instruct the teacher to guide the students to follow online study, build suitable teaching programme, recover the shortcoming in each subject to avoid pressing the students.

Bac Giang highly focuses on coping with risk of Covid-19 outbreak
(BGO) – After the Ministry of Health announced patient Nguyen Hong Nhung (hotel manager at Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) positive to SARS-CoV-2, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control in Bac Giang province (the provincial Steering Committee) initially defined that the province has several cases with relevant risk factors.
Bac Giang continues preparing conditions in response to many people returning from Covid-19 affected area
(BGO) – On March 5, the People’s Committee in Bac Giang province (PPC) held meeting to the departments, sectors, People’s Committees in the districts and city about Covid -19 prevention and control. The PPC Vice Chairman and Vice Head of the Standing Board of the provincial Steering Committee for prevention and control of the acute respiratory disease Le Anh Duong chaired the event. 
Covid-19’s impact on labour export
(BGO)- Since early this year, Covid-19 outbreak has dramatically affected all aspects of the society including labour export. Many recruitment and labourers’exit have been cancelled this time causing big worries for enterprises and labourers in northern province of Bac Giang.
Bac Giang adds more equipment, strictly monitors people returning from Covid-19 affected areas
(BGO) – The Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Le Anh Duong cum Vice Head of the provincial Steering Committee's Standing Board for prevention and control the acute respiratory disease on February 18 paid an inspection at Luc Ngan district.
Bac Giang’s Disease Control Center to test Covid-19 since February 21
(BGO) – Bac Giang is one of 9 provinces and cities instructed by the Ministry of Health to review, reinforce the facilities, equipment, man power, biosafety level II at the testing laboratory in the provincial Disease Control Center (Center) to conduct Covid-19 test.

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Bac Giang province, high schools, regular educational centers, stabilise routine, final graders, Covid - 19
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