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Bac Giang’s soldiers in white blouse pioneer in Covid-19 fight

(BGO) – The Covid-19 pandemic has developed complicatedly with unseen consequences. In Bac Giang province, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Steering Committee) at all levels have mobilized all materials, equipment and man power to fight against the disease in which  the medical officers, doctors and staff always take the lead firmly.  

Not afraid of danger

The special isolated building at the Infectious Department (provincial General Hospital) now receives 4 SARS-CoV-2 suspected patients. 21 doctors and nurses at the Department are divided into 3 groups to take alternate duty.

Bac Giang’s soldiers, white blouse, Covid-19 fight,  Covid-19 pandemic, unseen consequences, SARS-CoV-2, suspected patients

The medical workers are on duty at the provincial concentrated isolation site.

Doctor Nguyen Thi Loan, Vice Head of the Infectious Department shared: “The period since we received these patients, took their samples and waited for the testing result seemed to be the prolong concerning time not only for the cases but also for all of us. With the responsibility of the doctor, we encourage each others to well conduct our tasks, seriously follow the isolation procedure so as to keep our health to serve the people”.

To cope with the complicated development of Covid-19, the provincial General Hospital moved all patients under treatment at the departments of Infectious, Geriatrics and General internal to arrange the isolation area for the suspected cases. Particularly, the Infectious Department lays out 50 beds ready for patient positive to SARS- CoV-2.

Amid the war against the pandemic, the first level medical officers and staff must suffer the hardest pressure with the most danger even they must exchange for their personal health and life. Not only the group on duty, most of the officers, doctors and nurses at the hospitals and medical centers are ready to receive the assignment.

According to the Health Department, the province has mobilized about 6,000 officers, doctors, nurses and staff to join the fight against the pandemic. The medical establishments at the districts and city assign the staff on duty at the treatment facilities, field hospital and isolated sites.

With the spirit “Fighting against the pandemic as the enemy”, many retired officers in medical sector voiced their wishes to join hands with the colleague in needy case.

Pham Thi Doi (born in 1955), a retired nurse at Doi Ngo town (Luc Nam) shared: “In urgent case, we are volunteer to receive the duty to care for people’s health”.

Besides, hundreds of students at the Bac Giang Medical Vocational School registered to join internship programme at provincial General Hospital to support the doctors in the bad case.

Each person and every household raise awareness together

As the person bearing the highest responsibility at a big medical facility in the province, Specialist Level II Doctor Nguyen Van Dong, Director of provincial General Hospital is the busiest doctor with the most pressure. He spends the whole day on duty at the hospital to manage the professional work and instruct the preventive measures.

Bac Giang’s soldiers, white blouse, Covid-19 fight,  Covid-19 pandemic, unseen consequences, SARS-CoV-2, suspected patients

Every citizen is welcomed and has the body temperature checked when entering the provincial General Hospital.

He said, the medicine stock of Pharmaceutical Department is sufficiently equipped with various medical materials and equipment so as to treat the positive patient (if any). The hospital is ordering more materials to spare for the case of massive disease outbreak as well as the protective clothes and devices to ensure the safety for the health officers and workers.

Implementing the Health Department’s instruction, 10 medical facilities in the province has arranged 230 beds to receive the Covid-19 patients. All of the medical establishments arranged separate areas for the suspected and infected cases while the examination activities are done strictly in line with the regulations of screening, classification to avoid cross infection.

The Covid-10 fight needs the collaboration of the authority, sectors and society. Now, each citizen should seriously follow the disease preventive principles to practically protect personal health, family and community.

Every one should actively join in the communication, donate material and spirit so as to encourage the health officers and staff to conduct the task at the first front against the pandemic.

Youth members at provincial Military Command support Tan My Kindergarten School to prevent Covid-19 epidemic
(BGO) – The Youth Union at the Bac Giang provincial Military Command on March 17 organized a hike to support Tan My Kindergarten School in Covid-19 prevention and control in response to the Youth Month 2020 and celebrate 75 founding anniversary of the provincial armed force.
Bac Giang provides online instruction of Covid-19 diagnosis and treatment
(BGO) – The Department of Health in Bac Giang province on March 16 organized an online training course to instruct the Covid-19 diagnosis and treatment to the officers, doctors and nurses on duty of disease prevention and control at the state and private medical facilities and centers in the province.  
A family in Bac Giang presents large number of medical materials for Covid-19 fight
(BGO) - Chu Bao Que’s family in Cau village, Tu Lan commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province on 15 March presented a number of medical tools and materials serving Covid-19 fight. 
Bac Giang eases difficulties for firms amid COVID-19
Chairman of the People’s Committee of northern Bac Giang province Duong Van Thai has pledged to adopt measures easing difficulties faced by local businesses amid the complicated development of COVID-19 outbreak.
Bac Giang well prepares conditions to receive citizens returning from Covid-19 affected area
(BGO) – On March 10, the Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Steering Board) in the Military Zone 1 coordinated with the Steering Board in Bac Giang province to hold a meeting to implement the tasks of disease prevention an control  under new circumstance.


Bac Giang’s soldiers, white blouse, Covid-19 fight, Covid-19 pandemic, unseen consequences, SARS-CoV-2, suspected patients
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