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Youth union member Dinh Huu Trinh: "Miracles" from talented hands

(BGO) – Relatives or colleagues still call Dinh Huu Trinh (born in 1985), an officer of the Metrology Management Desk of the Division of Standards, Metrology and Quality under the Bac Giang provincial Department of Science and Technology, an "expert " of control equipment and automation.

Natan Priscila Moses - a Brazilian, who is currently Director of the non-governmental organisation One Heart Healing operating in Bac Giang, continuously praised Trinh when meeting me. Natan said: “His hands are like having miracles. He always tries his best to find ways to repair any failing automation and control equipment, from rice cookers, electric fans or toys.”

Youth union member, Dinh Huu Trinh, Bac Giang province, Miracles from talented hands, electrical workshop, automation equipment, remote control devices

Dinh Huu Trinh talks about the control circuit of Panasonic 5-blade ceiling fan researched and produced by himself.

At first, I thought that Natan was a bit exaggerating, but when seeing Trinh quickly assembling the circuit board to help the failing Panasonic electric fan of the Natan family run again, I was completely convinced.

Graduating with a Master's degree in Automation Control at the Hanoi University of Transport in 2014, in addition to his assigned work, Trinh has designed and made circuit boards of electrical equipment by himself. His house is like an electrical workshop, with full of circuit boards and wires... 

He said: "At the office, I do the professional work and when at home, I spend time studying circuit boards, and control and automation equipment".

In 2018-2019, he was the director of two research projects which were evaluated by the Scientific Council of the provincial Department of Science and Technology as highly applicable, especially the project “Researching the types of coding signals, manufacturing infrared remote control decoder for household electrical appliances and replacing damaged equipment without substitutes, ensuring stable duration and usability”.

The valuable appliances with infrared and RF remote controllers such as: stand fans, wall fans and rice cookers are often made in the Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand. When the equipment fails, there are no substitutes, or they are expensive but hard to find.

This has prompted Trinh to implement this project. He and other youth union members of his agency surveyed 300 households and remote controller repair facilities and spent time researching forms of remote control signal coding, thereby developing a micro-controller decoding algorithm to manufacture circuits replacing failing ones. From the above research, Trinh has expanded to making remote control devices.

After over 5 months, he and his colleagues have completed the research project, manufacturing 100 remote control circuits using infrared waves. Products are sold for between 150,000 VND and 400,000 VND (depending on type). These infrared remote control devices have been used in many families in Bac Giang city and Tan Yen district.

Currently, Trinh is focusing on developing energy-saving products using infrared waves such as anti-theft locks using RFID magnetic cards and brushless DC motors. In addition, he also manufactures control circuits and improves the continuity by taking advantage of some motors of old photocopiers or solar cells, which consume less electricity.

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Youth union member, Dinh Huu Trinh, Bac Giang province, Miracles from talented hands, electrical workshop, automation equipment, remote control devices
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