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Bac Giang donates 5,375 blood units

(BGO) – The Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang province has joined hands with Ha Lang Railway Branch (Vietnam Railway Corporation) to launch the blood donation festival to ease the blood shortage amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The event drew the participation of 150 officers, laborers and youth members working at Ha Lang Railway Branch. All the participants and volunteers seriously conducted preventive measures such as wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer.

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Many donors donate their blood at the blood donating festival launched at the provincial Inter-Agency Headquarter.

The Organization Board received 108 blood units meeting the Ministry of Health’s standard. All the bloods were directly delivered to the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion to supplement to the national blood bank for emergency case and patient treatment.

Since the beginning of this year, the provincial VBD Steering Committee has coordinated with local organizations, agencies and schools to organize 13 festivals and receive 5,375 blood units, making up 40 percent of the target assigned by the Central Steering Committee in 2020.

Amid the Covid-19 complicated development, it is really hard to hold concentrated event for voluntary blood donation. Thus, adding to effectively operate the clubs to be on duty and spare the source to donate blood to save the patient 24 hours, the provincial Red Cross Society calls on every qualified person to directly visit the medical facilities to give the blood.

HCM City’s youths donate blood to fight coronavirus disease
A blood donation day was held among Ho Chi Minh City’s young people on February 16 to address blood shortage facing hospitals due to the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
Red Spring festival: Vietnam’s biggest blood donation campaign
Launched in 2008, the annual Red Spring festival has seen 215,000 blood donors through the previous 12 editions, with 78,620 blood units collected. This year, it takes place from February 11 to 22.
Young people in HCM City call on peers to donate blood
Hundreds of young people in Ho Chi Minh City are calling on their friends via social media and others to visit the Blood Transfusion Haematology Hospital and Humanitarian Blood Donation Centre to donate blood to address a shortage amid the ongoing public health emergency caused by the coronavirus.
Bac Giang health workers donate blood to save patients
(BGO) - In cases of emergency when patients are in critical condition and need immediate blood transfusion, many doctors and nurses in hospitals in Bac Giang province not only focus on giving optimal treatment methods but also voluntarily donate blood to save their lives.
US Embassy hosts blood donation campaign
The Embassy of the US in Vietnam launched a blood donation campaign on January 10. As many as 269 people registered to donate their blood at the annual event, the eighth of its kind.

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Bac Giang province, blood units, voluntary blood donation, Ha Lang Railway Branch, Covid-19 pandemic,
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