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Luc Ngan performs well in Covid-19 fight

(BGO)- As a home to many labourers returning from China, Luc Ngan district in northern province of Bac Giang has implemented a number of measures to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. In line with implementing directions and guidelines of the upper-level government and health sector, Luc Ngan district has drastically carried out quarantine and grasping local situation.

Accordingly, the district directed its communes and townships to establish inspection teams to check up on observance of the Prime Minister’s Directive No 16/CT-TTg dated 31 March 2020, Conclusion No 104/TB-UBND dated 27 March 2020 of Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee and Correspondence No 182/UBND-VP dated 27 March 2020 of the district People’s Committee while strictly sanctioning violations. 

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Enhancing capacity of the medical staff to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

Especially, they requested communal people’s committee of the communes and townships to foster checking up on people’s wearing face masks in public and fining violations against the regulations.

The communal people’s committees continue tracking, making list and supervising quarantine of citizens returning from Bach Mai Hospital and Hanoi. Self-quarantine at home is also well performed as regulated.

The steering committee of the communes and townships was urged to persuade the households not to organize wedding parties. Funerals should be simple without big celebration where visitors are provided free face masks, medical monitoring and temperature check to combat Covid-19.

Besides, the district directed the medical agencies to take samples of 20 people with epidemiological factors including 12 people returning from Bach Mai Hospital and 8 people from China and other localities. All of them are tested negative for Covid-19.

As of 5 April 2020, 1,038 people in the district have been put in health supervision. 577 people have finished 14-day quarantine, 110 of whom were imposed concentrated isolation. Currently, 461 people are in quarantine including 15 people in concentrated isolation and 446 people self-quarantining at home. To date, no Covid-19 infected case has been confirmed in the district.

Bac Giang student creates fanpage in English to help prevent and control Covid-19
(BGO) – Two months ago, female student Giap Bui Viet Anh, Monitor of class 12A1 in Luc Ngan 1 High School (Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province) was introduced to the group of foreigner community in Vietnam. After having more foreign friends, she knows that many of them lack information about Covid-19 pandemic. Even some people were upset when accessing to fake news. 
Online startup amid Covid-19 pandemic turns challenges into opportunities
(BGO) – The Covid-19 pandemic has developed complicatedly. After the Prime Minister ordered the social distancing rule, many stores and service suppliers temporarily close. In the difficult time, several youth in Bac Giang province take the new trend of online startup with the support from modern technology. 
Many donors support Bac Giang province in Covid-19 prevention and control
(BGO) – The Fatherland Front Committee in Bac Giang province on April 1 received the expenses donated by the organizations, individual and enterprises for the Covid-19 combat.
Bac Giang expands screening tests to detect Covid-19 infections
(BGO) - The provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province held an online conference with 10 districts and city on April 1 to review the fight against Covid-19 and layout urgent measures for coming days. Le Anh Duong, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, Deputy Head of the provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control (the Steering Committee) chaired the conference. 
Bac Giang promotes Fatherland Front’s role in Covid-19 prevention and control
(BGO) – Amid the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole political system of Bac Giang province has drastically engaged in the fight against the disease. In particular, the provincial Fatherland Front at all levels has actively taken many practical and effective actions against Covid-19.

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Luc Ngan, Bac Giang province, performs well, Covid-19 fight, Covid-19 pandemic, health sector, violations against the regulations,
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