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Blue-shirt volunteers in Bac Giang join hands to fight Covid-19

(BGO)- Joining hands with the governments and sectors at all levels, the youths in the northern province of Bac Giang have implemented many voluntary works to make practical contributions to the fight against Covid-19.

Each youth union does one work

These days, the image of blue shirts has become popular at some checkpoints and entrances to the villages in the districts of Son Dong and Luc Ngan and the Industrial Parks of Dinh Tram and Quang Chau (Viet Yen district).

Blue-shirt volunteers, Bac Giang province, join hands, fight Covid-19, voluntary works, practical contributions, fight against Covid-19

Members of the youth union of Kep township (Lang Giang commune) check temperature and remind local people about pandemic prevention when going to the market.

The youths enthusiastically join hands with the districts’ Steering Committee for the pandemic prevention and control to propagandize with mobile loudspeaker system to remind local people about social distancing and wearing facemask in public.

Besides, a number of youth unions have mobilised their members, enterprises and donors to donate cash, medical materials and necessities for the pandemic fight.

Recently, the youth union of Lan Mau commune in Luc Nam district presented more than 1 tonne of rice, 3,500 medical facemasks and more than 500 helmets to the Steering Committee for the pandemic prevention and control at district and communal levels and local people from the donation of enterprises, drug stores and kind-hearted individuals in the locality.

Everyday, there are about 250 news, articles and photos posted on the website and social network of the youth organization and more than 200 mobile propagandas with loudspeaker. Since 1 April, the youth unions in the province have made by themselves and presented more than 200 anti-splash glasses to the traders selling essentials goods in the markets and crowded places.

The image of the youth unionists on the motorbikes with a mobile loudspeaker in the communes of Tan Son, Ho Dap and Son Hai (Luc Ngan district) has become familiar for many people in recent days. Mobile loudspeaker is the most proper measure of advocacy for the large areas with sparse population.

According to La Duy Thanh, Secretary of the Youth Union of Luc Ngan district, the district have established 29 quick-response groups of volunteers to carry out the tasks such as popularizing the preventive measures with mobile loudspeaker, mobilising donation for facemasks, hand sanitizer and necessities to give needy households affected by the pandemic.

The youth unions and federations in Bac Giang city including the youth union of Xuong Giang, Tho Xuong and Tran Nguyen Han wards and the youth federation of Dinh Ke ward called for fund to install hand wash basins at the entrance to the local markets and directly sterilized at the residential areas.

Joining hands to fight the pandemic

Facing complicated developments of Covid-19 pandemic, the provincial Youth Union timely updated and grasped the documents of the Central and the provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control while providing news, articles and posters about the pandemic happenings.

The junior youth unions are directed to post on the youth union’s social network the good, creative and effective models, good people and good deeds in the pandemic fight. Besides, they promote efficiency of the “Voice of the youth” system to provide mobile propaganda to every village and residential group.

Blue-shirt volunteers, Bac Giang province, join hands, fight Covid-19, voluntary works, practical contributions, fight against Covid-19

The youth union of Lan Mau commune (Luc Nam district) presents fund and medical materials to support the fight against Covid-19 in the locality.

Especially, the provincial Youth Union directed 100 percent of the youths and pioneers to ask their family members and relatives to declare health status and update information. Currently, 213,000 youths have finished health declaration and nearly 209,000 citizens have been guided to conduct health declaration.

The youth unions in the entire province have mobilised on-site resources to support the pandemic fight while joining hands with the local steering committee to perform duties at the checkpoints over the province. The youths are tasked to check temperature, remind people about social distancing and participate in the rehearsal to respond a possible scenario.

The youth unions worked out the motto “each youth is a propagandist, a good example in the pandemic fight”. To that end, the youths designed hundreds of eye-catching and wide-spreading posters and banners with the applications and software on the social networks.

They also established the facebook fanpage in English to spread the latest and most precise information about Covid-19 pandemic to support foreigners living and working in Vietnam.

Lang Giang Youth Union launches “Blue shirt joins hand to fight against Covid-19” week
(BGO) – On the 89 founding anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Youth Union in Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province launched the week “Blue shirt joins hand to fight against Covid-19” from March 20 – 29.  
Youths nationwide respond to Youth Month 2020
A wide variety of practical activities were held nationwide in response to Youth Month 2020, looking towards the 89th founding anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26, 1931-2020).
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(BGO) – Relatives or colleagues still call Dinh Huu Trinh (born in 1985), an officer of the Metrology Management Desk of the Division of Standards, Metrology and Quality under the Bac Giang provincial Department of Science and Technology, an "expert " of control equipment and automation.
Youth Union’s Secretary at Cam Ly High School Duong Van Thang honored with Ly Tu Trong award
(BGO) – After selection and judge, 82 out of more than 200 outstanding youth union officials and members nationwide were honored to receive Ly Tu Trong award in 2020. Duong Van Thang (born in 1985), Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCMCYU) in Cam Ly High School (Luc Nam district) is the only one face in Bac Giang province to receive the award.
Youth members at provincial Military Command support Tan My Kindergarten School to prevent Covid-19 epidemic
(BGO) – The Youth Union at the Bac Giang provincial Military Command on March 17 organized a hike to support Tan My Kindergarten School in Covid-19 prevention and control in response to the Youth Month 2020 and celebrate 75 founding anniversary of the provincial armed force.

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Blue-shirt volunteers, Bac Giang province, join hands, fight Covid-19, voluntary works, practical contributions, fight against Covid-19
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