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Bac Giang Red Cross Society – humanitarian bridge

(BGO) – Connecting humanitarian hearts to support each needy case in specific address is the effective method conducted by the Red Cross Society (RCS) at all level in Bac Giang province, helping many impoverished people to pursuit better life. 

Each organization and individual attach to a humanitarian address

Responding to the campaign “Each organization and individual attach to a humanitarian address” launched by Vietnam RCS (sine 2008), annually the provincial RCS builds the plan and assign target for each unit at grass roots level.

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Members of Violet Rose Club hand over the free meals to poor patients at the Medical Center in Tan Yen district.

According to Le Thi Duyen, Chairwoman of the provincial RCS, all levels of the RCS closely grasp the locations and take regular review to know the life of the the poor households, victim of Agent Orange, critical patients, orphan...Then they directly verify and classify the information to propose suitable method of support.

Since 2010, the provincial RCS has called for the donation of nearly 34 billion VND (1.4 million USD) and supported more than 7,100 addresses with some 10,800 people (accounting for 94 percent of the surveyed cases).

Particularly, since October 2017, after the calling from the provincial Party Committee’s Secretary, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Bui Van Hai cum Honor Chairman of the provincial RCS, the campaign has gained prominent results.

So far, the provincial RCS has linked and received the donation from 30 organizations, enterprises and philanthropists with total amount of nearly 7 billion VND (300,000 USD) to provide emergency aid and regular support to 4,300 difficult families in 10 districts and city.

Meanwhile, the provincial RCS has operated 159 “humanitarian boxes”, 28 “affectionate canteens” and “humanitarian porridge” at several hospitals, organizations and companies.

To implement the Humanitarian Month with the target to support at least 1,000 humanitarian addresses in 2020, the provincial RCS instructed the chapters in 10 districts and city to actively consult the local authorities to call for the resources and mobilize the humanitarian fund to help 20 – 50 addresses.

Further encouraging to overcome the difficulties

The campaign has helped connect the humanitarian hearts and bring the sharing among the communities to the impoverished cases that has deep spiritual meaning to encourage and support the poor to conquer the challenges in life.

Bac Giang province, Red Cross Society, humanitarian bridge, humanitarian hearts,  specific address, effective method, pursuit better life

Representative of the RCS in Tan Yen district hand over the sponsor amount of Thien tam Fund to Nguyen Hong Son in Ngoc Chau commune.

Typically, Nguyen Van The (born in 1980) in Doi Chinh village, Dai Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) was the major laborer in 6 member family and worked in Tuyen Quang to raise them. But after the stroke in 2019, he becomes hemiplegic rigidity and needs brain surgery with huge expense.

Now, in the waiting period for second surgery, he must stay still and rely all in others for any activities. Recently, his family has received the allowance of 5 million VND (213 USD) from Thien tam Fund (Vingroup), helping them ease the difficulties.

According to Ly Minh Tuan, Director of the Fund, in response of the calling from the provincial Party Committee’s Secretary, Thien tam Fund mobilized the expenses to present monthly scholarships to 52 local students living in special difficult circumstances in the academic year 2018 – 2019. In this year Humanitarian Month, the Fund will provide emergency aid to 20 cases with non-restricted expenses and the rate depending on each person.

Via appealing on social network, many clubs and charity groups have donated great amount to support the specific poor people. Typically, Violet Rose Club has operated since December 2017. Every year, its members help calling form the donation of more than 100 million VND (4,200 USD) and many utensils to support the disadvantaged cases, provide humanitarian porridge and meals to patients at some hospitals in the province.

Recently, the club called for an enterprise to sponsor one year scholarships (worth 300,000 VND per month per case) to 3 orphans in Yen Dung district.

There are now many difficult and impoverished cases in our society who truly need the community support. Thus, promoting the role of humanitarian bridge, in the upcoming time the RCS at all levels will continue appealing for the organizations, individuals and enterprises to register to support each humanitarian address while well reviewing and selecting to support proper subject and present opportunity for them to overcome the challenges.

Hanoi earmarks 28.2 mln USD for the poor amid Covid-19
Hanoi will earmark 650 billion VND (28.2 million USD), the first stage, in support of the poor and other social beneficiaries via the local branch of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP), amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Helping national contributors not to become poor again
(BGO) - To gradually improve the quality of life for people  who rendered service to the nation, the labour, war invalids and social affairs sector strives to have no poor households whose members are policy beneficiaries by the end of 2020. In Bac Giang, this task was completed in 2019.
Bring lovingness to poor student
(BGO) – Looking at the bright face of 12 year old boy Nguyen Van Cuong with special passion for study, few people knew that he used to live as a disappointed vagrant. If it was not the humane arm of teacher Tran Thi Tap, Head Mistress of Viet Lap Primary School (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province), no one would imagine how is the boy now.
Teacher spends young days on supporting poor people
Poor residents in remote areas in western Quang Tri province consider teacher Ly Chi Thanh as part of their families thanks to his volunteer work.
Over 48,700 Tet gift presented to the poor
(BGO) – Responding to the campaign “Tet for the poor”, as of January 21, Bac Giang province called for the donation to present more than 48,700 Tet gifts in cash to the poor and near poor families via the Fatherland Front’s Committee at all levels, each worth 300 – 500,000 VND (total value hit over 19 billion VND or 823,500 USD). 

Do Quyen

Bac Giang province, Red Cross Society, humanitarian bridge, humanitarian hearts, specific address, effective method, pursuit better life
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