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Miserable man needs help

(BGO) – When being the main laborer and breadwinner in his family, Hoang Cong Duong (born in 1990) in Ba Mo village, Ngoc Ly commune (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) met a traffic accident and become paralysed. Duong's wife took three small children to her hometown. The economic burden now weighs on the shoulders of his old parents.

Hoang Cong Vi and his wife (Duong's parents) worked hard to earn a living so their economy was quite good. A few years ago, they poured most of their money into building a new house and organising a wedding for their son. It seemed that after their daughter finished high school, they would take a rest. Unexpectedly, the accident happened.

Miserable man, needs help, Bac Giang province, Hoang Cong Duong,  three small children,  economic burden, traffic accident

Hoang Cong Duong is being treated at the hospital.

One day in July 2019, on the way home from work, Duong met a traffic accident, making him multi-traumatic, including a brain injury. Despite timely emergency and intensive treatment in many hospitals, Duong's health did not show many satisfactory signs.

Currently, he is under treatment at the emergency room A1, the Department of Surgery - Emergency Rehabilitation under the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital. The doctor said Duong is now half-conscious, with quadriplegic paralysis and spastic limbs. He eats and urinates through the sonde. Notably, a part of Duong's brain was sent for cultivation at the Hanoi-based Vietnam-Germany Hospital waiting for a transplant.

Every month, the family has to spend 6 million VND (257 USD) buying medicine to feed this brain part, while the circumstance is very difficult. Duong and his wife were both workers. Right after getting married, they gave birth to three children so when Duong was in distress, he had almost no money for treatment and all expenses are covered by his parents.

Vi and his wife have to borrow money to treat their son. Since the accident happened, Duong has been at the hospital all the time, Vi has to quit his job to take care of the son. Facing the situation, Duong’s wife took the three children to her hometown in Ninh Binh province, leaving her husband with illness.

According to Vi, Duong’s treatment has cost more than 500 million VND (21.400 USD) so far. In the coming time, nearly 100 million VND will be spent on the brain transplant... At present, the family's economy is exhausted. They borrowed money from anyone who could support them and now do not know how to manage to continue the treatment for the son.

Ngo Kim Thanh, head of Ba Mo village, said that Duong's situation is really difficult. The village and communal authorities have mobilized support for him but the fund is too small. “We are looking forward to the support of benefactors to help the family overcome difficulties,” he said.

Any help for Duong, please send to Vi's address (phone number: 0376723471) or Hoang Cong Vi's account number: 2506205349809, Agribank’s Tan Yen branch.

Samsung Hope School fuels belief of poor children
(BGO) - Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has decided to approve the project “Samsung Hope School” in Dinh Huong village, Thang town, Hiep Hoa district granted by Samsung Electronics Vietnam Company Limited (SEV) and Korean Food and Hungry International (KFHI). The people’s committee of Hiep Hoa district will act as owner of the aid package.
Bridges of love for poor patients
(BGO) - Currently, a number of hospitals in Bac Giang province are effectively implementing the model of social work groups. Despite not wearing a white blouse and not directly treating the sick, the groups’ members have become bridges that persuade organizations and individuals to help poor patients, thus spreading human values ​​and love right in hospital beds.
Hanoi earmarks 28.2 mln USD for the poor amid Covid-19
Hanoi will earmark 650 billion VND (28.2 million USD), the first stage, in support of the poor and other social beneficiaries via the local branch of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP), amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Helping national contributors not to become poor again
(BGO) - To gradually improve the quality of life for people  who rendered service to the nation, the labour, war invalids and social affairs sector strives to have no poor households whose members are policy beneficiaries by the end of 2020. In Bac Giang, this task was completed in 2019.
Bring lovingness to poor student
(BGO) – Looking at the bright face of 12 year old boy Nguyen Van Cuong with special passion for study, few people knew that he used to live as a disappointed vagrant. If it was not the humane arm of teacher Tran Thi Tap, Head Mistress of Viet Lap Primary School (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province), no one would imagine how is the boy now.

Tuan Duong

Miserable man, needs help, Bac Giang province, Hoang Cong Duong, three small children, economic burden, traffic accident
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