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Connect kind hearted people

(BGO) – For years, Mai Hoa, Chairwoman of the Women’s Union in Nha Nam town (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) has been called as a skillful person in drawing people to join hands in hometown construction.  

Visiting Nha Nam town, we saw Hoa joining hands with other members to clean up the street. Drawing on the long mural street, Hoa happily shared: “This is the last mural street we have completed promptly to welcome the Party Congress in the town”.

Bac Giang province, kind hearted people, Mai Hoa, Women’s Union, hometown construction, long mural street, strong belief

Mai Hoa (second from right) and members of Humanitarian Connection Club hand over the gifts to the difficult family.

To date, the town Women’s Union hed by Mai Hoa has called for the donation of 95 million VND (4,000 USD) to decorate three mural streets with total length of 400 meter. The colorful streets help replace the old walls with mould in the past.

Hoa said all the locals wish to build the homeland to be a “livable countryside”. Each person takes personal effort to construct Nha Nam become a civilized urban that makes her wonder in her thinking.

Then, she started sharing her idea to everyone and called for their joint effort. Luckily, many people agreed with her. The completion of the first mural street helped inspire the local residents and create strong belief among them. Then, the mural street is more and more extended.

Well acknowledging the strength of the organization and belief of a joint effort, Mai Hoa has for years actively called for the women members and local residents to conduct several meaningful activities for the community.

Accordingly, 18 women and children suffering critical diseases were supported 579 million VND (24,900 USD); 5 humanitarian houses was built to poor women; 16 impoverished women were provided with means of living worth 53 million VND...thanks to her kind support to call for various sources of donation.

Moreover, in the cold winter days or sudden natural disasters, she persuaded everyone to donate cash, rice, essential goods, clothes then sent to the hit area. Her model which appeals women to classify and collect wastes to help poor women and children has been honored for years by the Women’s Union at all levels in the environment protection movement.

Besides, Hoa is Chairwoman of the Humanitarian Connection Club in Nha Nam town with 28 members. Every month, the club keeps calling for the donation to launch the programme to provide free meal, porridge to patients at the district medical center.

Bac Giang province, kind hearted people, Mai Hoa, Women’s Union, hometown construction, long mural street, strong belief

Mai Hoa and the locals in front of the mural at Lao Dong street.

Responding to the calling from the Party General Secretary, President and Prime Minister to donate for Covid-19 prevention and control, she coordinated with the Fatherland Front Committee and sectors to call for various sources and present gifts to difficult families with total value of nearly 30 million VND (nearly 1,300 USD).

Personally, Hoa has been bestowed with Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, Central and provincial Women’s Union.

Sharing about the female officer with skillful propaganda among the population, the Secretary of the Party Committee in Nha Nam town Nguyen Huy Ngoc said: “Mai Hoa is a female Party member who is always dedicated and responsible for the tasks. She helps connect every one to create the collective strength and joint effort to construct the homeland”.

Safe agricultural products made by women
(BGO) - Implementing the project "Supporting women in starting a business in the 2017 – 2025 period" in association with encouraging women to engage in clean production, clean consumption and food hygiene and safety, women’s unions at all levels in Bac Giang province have actively supported its members in developing many models of safe agricultural production and trading to serve daily consumption and supply to the market.
Bac Giang women send love to the frontier
(BGO) - Responding to the programme "Accompanying frontier women" launched by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women's Union, since 2018, the Women's Union of Bac Giang province has given support to members of the Women's Union of Tu Mich commune, Loc Binh district (the northern border province of Lang Son). The programme has brought about practical results.
Motivation supports women to escape from poverty
(BGO) – To help poor women improve their life, TYM Fund which is a Humanitarian Microfinance Institution founded by the Vietnam Women’s Union has provided the preferential loan to support house construction and created motivation for the women in the northern province of Bac Giang to develop the economy, mange and use the capital effectively. 
Women union joins hands to reduce plastic waste
(BGO) – Thanks to suitable communication, the Women’s Union in Bac Giang city (Bac  Giang province) have gradually changed the awareness and habit of each person and family to reduce the plastic waste to protect the environment. 
7 provinces attend Women’s creative startup festival in Bac Giang
(BGO) – The Women’s Union in Bac Giang province on October 1 coordinated with the Women’s Union in the provinces in the Northern midland and mountainous emulative cluster to hold the Women’s Creative Startup Festival and trade promotion conference in 2019.

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Bac Giang province, kind hearted people, Mai Hoa, Women’s Union, hometown construction, long mural street, strong belief
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