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Lang Giang speads good deed

(BGO) – Recently, the voluntary blood donation (VBD) campaign in Lang Giang district (Bac Giang province) has widely spread and attracted numerous participants, helping multiply the cultural beauty and deep humanitarian spirit.   

After the first blood donation in the VBD Festival held on June 4 in Lang Giang district, Do Huy Anh at class 12A9, Lang Giang No3 High School shared: “At first, I am very worried, then after knowing that I am eligible to donate blood, I feel happy. In the upcoming time, I will continue giving my blood and call for others’ participation”.

Lang Giang district, good deed, voluntary blood donation, Bac Giang province, cultural beauty, deep humanitarian spirit, Red Cross Society

The locals in Lang Giang district join the blood donation festival.

Pham Thi Nam, Chairwoman of the Red Cross Society in Nghia Hung commune (Lang Giang district) has donated blood 17 times. Moreover, she calls for many others in and outside the commune to join the VBD movement.

Nam said: “Thanks to the communication and appeal, there are at least 100 volunteers registering to donate their blood every year. In 2017 and 2018, the Steering Board for VBD and Red Cross Society in Nghia Hung commune was honored with Certificate of Merit by the Vietnam Red Cross Society for its excellent achievement in VBD campaign”.

Implementing the campaign “The whole nation joins humanitarian blood donation”, Lang Giang district has to date organized VBD Festival for community health for 15 years, drawing 22,000 registered volunteers and donating nearly 11,500 blood units.

Particularly, many families with 3 – 4 members donate bloods, several relatives have joined the VBD campaign dozens of times such as 29 families in the Nguyen Van in Tien Luc commune donate blood 88 times, the Dong in Nghia Hoa commune donate blood 70 times....

The statistic showed that more than 1,000 volunteers registered to donate blood at VBD Festival in 2020 which received 830 blood units, exceeding 200 units comparing to the assigned target.

To widely spread the blood donation campaign in the community, the district Steering Board for VBD diversifies the method of communication via the loudspeaker systems and meetings toward various subjects of youth, students, officers, public servant and labourers in the organizations, enterprises and agencies...

In the upcoming time, the district competent agencies will further boost up the communication about the role and good deed of blood donation to save life as well as encourage the volunteers to actively join the campaign.

The district also instructed the Medical Center to maintain the live blood bank at its Youth Union while timely honoring and encouraging the typical volunteers and families to widespread the models.

Bac Giang donates 5,375 blood units
(BGO) – The Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang province has joined hands with Ha Lang Railway Branch (Vietnam Railway Corporation) to launch the blood donation festival to ease the blood shortage amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Bac Giang: Nearly 300 members of provincial civil servant’s trade union volunteer to donate blood
(BGO) – On March 7, the Trade Union of the Bac Giang provincial Civil Servant Block coordinated with the provincial Red Cross Society to organize blood donation festival themed “Sharing blood – No fear of Covid-19”.
2020 Red Spring Festival receives 3,525 blood units
(BGO) – The Steering Board for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang province has coordinated with the Red Cross Society at all levels to launch 9 humanity blood donation festivals in response of 2020 Red Spring Festival (launched from December 29).
Bac Giang blood donation festival receives 100 safe blood units
(BGO) – The Voluntary Blood Donation (VBD) Festival was launched on February 16 by the Steering Board for VBD in the northern province of Bac Giang at the Building B of the provincial Inter-Agency Headquater.
HCM City’s youths donate blood to fight coronavirus disease
A blood donation day was held among Ho Chi Minh City’s young people on February 16 to address blood shortage facing hospitals due to the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Lang Giang district, good deed, voluntary blood donation, Bac Giang province, cultural beauty, deep humanitarian spirit, Red Cross Society
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