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All family members donate blood

(BGO) – No matter of age, time and geological distance, many people, even families share their precious blood day by day to save the patients. Family of Nguyen Thi Oanh (born in 1986) in Trai Noi village, Dinh Tri commune, Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) is one of the outstanding models. 

Oanh or her family members almost present at every blood donating festivals held in Bac Giang city. Deeply understanding the importance and humanity value of blood donation, Oanh started donating blood in 2017 after giving birth to two children. Now, she has donated blood 6 times.

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Nguyen Thi Oanh (stand) instructs her family members to fill in the form of blood donation registration.

Since early 2019, she has been elected as Chairwoman of the communal Red Cross Society (RCS) which is her responsibility and chance to accompany the voluntary blood donation movement.

Oanh shared: “Initially, it is very hard to call for people to donate blood because they do not know the benefit to their health. So, I acted as the first person to join the campaign to actively persuade them to see the good side”.

The members and local residents in Dinh Tri commune know Oanh for her enthusiasm of a RCS officer and a bright model to call for her family members to donate blood to save others’ life.

As the oldest sister in a 4 healthy member family, Oanh persuaded her younger sisters. Nguyen Thi Linh (born in 1989), her second sister said: “ Oanh never forgets calling to encourage us and her small family to join every blood donation festival. 4 sisters in my family have donated blood 20 times. We consider each blood donation as a time to check our health condition then remind each others to regularly join the movement”.

By her persistent communication, Oanh has persuaded many people in her family and relatives to donate blood with total of 50 units in which her mother-in-law Ha Thi Tuyet (born in 1965) donated 2 times, her sister-in-law Nguyen Thi Loan (born in 1991) donated 2 times, her sister-in-law Phung Thi Ha (born in 1989) donated 3 time...

Apart from several rewards bestowed by the Steering Board for voluntary blood donation in Bac Giang city for her great contribution to the movement, Oanh’s family was awarded Honor Cup for Outstanding Blood Donation Family by the provincial Steering Committee.

Event to honour 100 outstanding blood donors
One hundred outstanding Vietnamese blood donors will be honoured in a series of events from June 9-11 to celebrate World Blood Donor Day (June 14).
Bac Giang provincial Party Committee’s Secretary donates blood at “Red Blood ” Campaign in 2020 summer
(BGO) – The Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation (Steering Committee) in Bac Giang province on May 9 coordinated with the Steering Committee in Bac Giang city to launch the Campaign “Red Blood” in 2020 summer. The event was attended by the Secretary of the provincial Party Committee (PPC), Chairman of the provincial People’s Council and Honor Chairman of the provincial Red Cross Society (RCS).
Red Cross Society calls for blood donation, effective fight against Covid-19
President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VRCS) Central Committee Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu has sent a letter to call for the community's greater efforts to effectively prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure enough blood for emergencies and medical treatment.
Bac Giang donates 5,375 blood units
(BGO) – The Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation (VBD) in Bac Giang province has joined hands with Ha Lang Railway Branch (Vietnam Railway Corporation) to launch the blood donation festival to ease the blood shortage amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Bac Giang: Nearly 300 members of provincial civil servant’s trade union volunteer to donate blood
(BGO) – On March 7, the Trade Union of the Bac Giang provincial Civil Servant Block coordinated with the provincial Red Cross Society to organize blood donation festival themed “Sharing blood – No fear of Covid-19”.

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All family members ,donate blood, Bac Giang province, voluntary blood donation, share their precious blood, save the patients, outstanding models, Nguyen Thi Oanh
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