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Spreading love to “village of dialysis patients”

(BGO)- With serious disease, the patients with chronic kidney failure go to the provincial General Hospital a couple of times per week for dialysis to prolong their lives. Many of them have to rent houses in Bac Giang city during their treatment period who face a lot of difficulties. 

Common poverty due to sickness

Following a local living in the alley No 211, Nguyen Van Cu street along a lumpy path full of stones and wild grass, we reached an old house at the end of the corner No 19 where 7 kidney patients are renting.

Spreading love, village of dialysis patients, Bac Giang province, chronic kidney failure, Common poverty, long-term treatment,

The lodgings of dialysis patients in alley No 211, Nguyen Van Cu street, Bac Giang.

Pointing at a tiny man with freckled face, some people in the rental area said, “It’s hard for a family with one person having kidney failure but his family even face much more difficulties when he and his 2 children have to undergo dialysis”. He is Vi Van Dinh (born in 1966) in Dai Son commune, Son Dong district.

With kidney failure, Dinh and his 2 children have to go to the hospital for dialysis three times per week. Although their treatment fee is covered by the medical insurance for poor household, it costs each of them 3 million VND (129 USD) per month for meals, house renting and many others including infusion and supplements to reinforce the immune system and avoid complications.

According to the provincial General Hospital, the Department of Internal Medicine, Urology and Dialysis is providing hemodialysis to about 350 patients. Hundreds of them from the districts have to rent houses near the hospital in the small alleys on Nguyen Van Cu street, Le Loi and Hoang Van Thu wards for medical treatment. Hence, these places are called “villages of dialysis patients”.

According to La Thi Mai Lam, Deputy Head of Hoang Hoa Tham residential group in Hoang Van Thu ward, the residential group is home to about 20 to 30 patients with renal impairment renting houses in the alleys No 274 and 294. Most of these people are from highland and mountainous areas who face a lot of difficulties during long-term treatment.

The medical experts stressed treatment of chronic kidney disease much depends on economic condition. However, most of the patients living in the rent houses are poor and incapable for work. Many of them do not have conditions to improve their health while having to go to work to earn for living, thus, they can suffer from breakdowns and face risk of serious complications.

Sharing love, fighting against diseases

Vi Van Dinh shared, their burden has been lightened thanks to encouragement and support of the donors in the fight against the diseases. Specially, some local charity organizations and donors has visited the lodgings to donate 10 kilos of rice and 200,000 VND (8.6 USD) for each patient per month since 2019.

Spreading love, village of dialysis patients, Bac Giang province, chronic kidney failure, Common poverty, long-term treatment,

Donors give rice and money to patients with renal impairment renting houses in alley No 211, Nguyen Van Cu street, Bac Giang city.

Responding the call of the house owner Nguyen Van Vuong, members of the Violet Rose Club in Bac Giang city and Vegan Kitchen have supported with rice and monthly allowances for the patients with renal impairment who are renting houses in the corner No 17, alley No 294, Le Loi street.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many dialysis patients were also presented gift packages including food and necessities by the donors, organizations and youth union in the locality. Of which, the Youth Union of Hoang Van Thu ward mobilized for donation and handed necessities to a number of patients with renal impairment who rented houses in alley No 294, Le Loi street and the intersection between Nguyen Van Cu and Le Loi streets.

The struggle against the disease of the patients with chronic renal impairment will take time and face a lot of hardships. Despite their appalling difficulties, I can see their optimism and resilience in the fight for life when talking to the patients with chronic kidney disease living in the rent houses. I hope that they will receive more support and sharing so that love can be spread to help the patients with kidney impairment have more strength to fight this acute disease.

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Le Thanh

Spreading love, village of dialysis patients, Bac Giang province, chronic kidney failure, Common poverty, long-term treatment,
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