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Bac Giang multiplies safe, bright and fine roads

(BGO) – To mark the 90 founding anniversary of Vietnam Women's Union October 20 (1930 - 2020) and welcome the Party Congress at all levels, the Women’s Union in Bac Giang province has instructed the units to build “Bright, safe and fine roads” (BSF roads). To date, they have been basically completed to decorate the new rural and civilized urban areas. 

Practical deed

Trung Phu Ngoai village in Tan Hung commune (Lang Giang district) covers wide area with crowded population. However, the major road of the village is close to Yen Lai canal and Goc Da bridge which annually causes dozens of accidents when people and carriage fell into the canal.

Bac Giang province, safe bright and fine roads, Vietnam Women's Union, Party Congress, new rural, civilized urban areas

The bright, safe and fine road in Trung Phu Ngoai village, Tan Hung commune (Lang Giang district).

Right after the policy to build the BSF roads was issued, the Women’s Association in Tan Hung commune instructed the Women’s Chapter in the village to implement with focal point to safety.

Acknowledging the urgent project, it was actively supported by the local households who donated from few hundred of VND to 2.5 million VND (107 USD).

Besides, it received the support from several kind hearted people including Phuc Long Company Limited (presenting over 20 million VND or 862 USD). Total donated amount reached about 250 million VND (10,700 USD).

The 1km long road from Goc Da bridge to the end of the route along side Yen Lai canal is divided into 3 sections under the management of the local households. Moreover, the families of women’s member donated expenses to install 300 light bubs, 120 flower baskets as well as clean up the road.

The 1km long BSF road in Hoa Minh village, Hop Duc commune (Tan Yen district) was completed in March 2020. Because it had no lighting system, theft regularly occurred at the main road to link Hop Duc and Phuc Hoa communes.

Bac Giang province, safe bright and fine roads, Vietnam Women's Union, Party Congress, new rural, civilized urban areas

Women in Giap Son commune (Luc Ngan district) clean up the road.

The communal Women’s Association selected to build the BSF road in Hoa Minh village and mobilized 5 million VND while calling for local donation of 15 million VND to install the illuminating systems, decorate the mural and plant flower.

Multiplying the bright models

The movement of BSF road building has been launched for long time among the women’s union at all levels. This years, the provincial Women’s Union focused on safety because many roads and corners do not have enough lighting system at night with high risk of traffic crashes and bad accidents to women and children.

Chairwoman of the provincial Women’s Union Nguyen Thi Lien said: “The provincial Women’s Union instructs the Women’s Association in the districts and city to report to the local authority to have various support method. The local Associations call for members to grow trees and flowers persuade the wealthy households to install camera. Meanwhile, each Women’s Chapter is responsible for cleaning up the road, caring for the trees and flowers, collecting waste then selling for saving to install more light bubs”.

Actually, several units have create method of implementation. The Women’s Association in Lang Giang district coordinates with the local organization such as War Veteran Association, Farmers’ Association to call for expense for camera installation. Apart from 9 model roads of the province, the district selected 12 roads while each commune and town selected one route to realize the model.

Bac Giang province, safe bright and fine roads, Vietnam Women's Union, Party Congress, new rural, civilized urban areas

The road model in Hoa Minh village, Hop Duc commune (Tan Yen district).

The Women’s Association in Yen The district proposed the Fatherland Front’s Committee in the district, communes and towns to mobilize the expense from the source of new style rural building then support the women to build the BSF roads.

In Viet Yen district, the Women’s Association in the communes and town called for the rich families to install camera to supervise the public security at the section with high risk of unsafety while appealing the families of women members to donate expense to install light bubs, grow flowers and clean up the road.

Since early this year, the provincial Women’s Union has assigned each association in the districts and city to realize at least 9 roads. Acknowledging its practical meaning, the associations at all level registered to build nearly double number of the road comparing to the set target. To date, 85 out of 168 registered roads have been completed with nameplate across the province.

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Bac Giang province, safe bright and fine roads, Vietnam Women's Union, Party Congress, new rural, civilized urban areas
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