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Vuong Thi Linh’s family fights against diseases day by day with no hope for tomorrow

(BGO)- Disasters consecutively hit the small family when their oldest son suddenly passed away and the mother was detected end-stage cancer. All of 4 family members have acute diseases. They have to fight day by day with no hope for tomorrow.

It is miserable situation of Vuong Thi Linh’s family (born in 1982) in Bong 1 village, Thanh Hai commune, Luc Ngan district. Her family has 2 sons (one 15 years old and one 3 years old). Some months ago, their elder son who was a good boy suddenly died of an accident. 

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Vuong Thi Linh, her mother-in-law and her little son.

While their sorrow of losing their son has not gone out, they received a bad news that Linh fainted as she was working odd jobs at the construction site. After being tested, she was detected terminal lung cancer with bad prognosis that she is nearing death.

Unfortunately, her husband named Dung was detected brain tumor, which is under monitoring. Recently, Dung was also detected prostatic hypertrophy. Their younger son also gets a rare disease, anal nerve paralysis, that he suffers from incontinence and has to wear a nappy regularly. Currently, this disease is incurable.

Besides, their mother is old and weak with birth defects who is not able to share burdens with them.

All of the members are sick, thus their family becomes exhausted. Despite her serious disease with tiredness, Linh tries to get up to cook for her family. Dung also has to forget his sickness to work odd jobs at the construction site to earn for living of 4 people.

Lung disease makes her stomach get bigger and she becomes weaker that she does not know how long she will live. Linh does not care about herself but she always worries about her old mother, little kid and sick husband.

“Linh’s family is so miserable. The local government and unions of the village, commune and relatives have called for donation but we just received a small amount. Hope that donors inside and outside the locality will help the family to overcome difficulties”, said Nguyen Dinh Thuyet, secretary of the Party Committee of Bong 1 village.

Any support for the family, please send to Vuong Thi Linh’s address as mentioned above, at mobile phone number of Dung (Linh’s husband) 0369619120 or through Mac Thi Hue, Chairperson of the Women’s Union of Thanh Hai commune at bank account No. 43010000112389, BIDV, Luc Ngan branch or Hoang Thi Phuong (Linh’s cousin) at bank account No. 2504205219345, Agribank, Luc Ngan branch.

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Vuong Thi Linh’s family, fights against diseases, day by day, no hope for tomorrow, Bac Giang province, end-stage cancer, acute diseases, miserable situation
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