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3 students gaining high scores at high school entrance exam in Bac Giang share study tips

(BGO)- A number of students got high and top scores at the high school entrance exam for the academic year 2020-2021. They shared their experience in studying and how to gain high results at the exams.

Hoang Ngoc Ha gets mark 10 at maths

I met Hoang Ngoc Ha in Le Loi ward, Bac Giang city after she received result of the high school entrance exam. She gained total 27.55 points for 3 subjects (mark 10 for maths, 9.3 for English and 8.25 for literature), ranking top in the city.

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Hoang Ngoc Ha- female student gets mark 10 at maths and her mother.

According to her teachers, Ngoc Ha has won excellent student title for 9 consecutive years and bagged many prizes at the city-ranking contests for excellent students.

As a student of Le Quy Don junior high school for gifted students, she had opportunities to improve her knowledge when her study results were always top of the class. However, Ha is very modest about her achievements.

She shared, in order to study well, students firstly should firmly grasp the basic knowledge and do many forms of exercises. When facing a hard question, she noted down and asked for support from the teachers and friends, which helped her understand more and memorize the knowledge better.

In line with gaining high scores at the 3 general subjects, Ngoc Ha is in top 7 students with highest results at the entrance exam to the maths-specialized class of Bac Giang High School for Gifted Students,.

Bui Mai Linh – top the list of the entrance exam to English-specialized class

With 85/100 score at the chosen subject and high scores at the general subjects including 8.5 for literature, 8.2 for maths and 9.8 for English, Bui Mai Linh in Dinh Ke ward topped the list of the successful candidates at the entrance exam to the English-specialized class of Bac Giang High School for Gifted Students in the academic year 2020-2021.

3 students, Bac Giang province, high scores, high school entrance exam, share study tips, top scores, high results, intelligent student

Not only good at English, Mai Linh is also interested in playing piano.

Her mother is a teacher of English and her father works for a state agency, thus, Linh has been provided the best conditions for studying.

She is excited at the English melodies which she has listened to since she was a small child. She has gained many achievements at the exchanges and city-ranking contests for excellent students since she was at grade 3 to grade 9.

“In order to gain good results at English, you should study hard and regularly improve the skills. In line with firmly grasping grammar, I make friends with some foreigners who are working in Bac Giang city to practice communicating in Enlgish”, shared Mai Linh.

In summer 2019, Mai Linh was the youngest candidate taking part in the International English proficiency test and granted IELTS 6.5 certificate.

Than Ngoc Ha gains good results at all subjects

With total score of 27.45 (9.1 for maths, 9.1 for English and 8,25 for literature), Than Ngoc Ha, a student of class 9A2, Than Nhan Trung junior high school, Viet Yen district gained highest scores of the district at the high school entrance exam.

3 students, Bac Giang province, high scores, high school entrance exam, share study tips, top scores, high results, intelligent student

Than Ngoc Ha.

Her father is a soldier and her mother is a teacher, hence, Ha has been well educated in studying and practicing. She set her own principles to learn new lessons, revise old ones, study reference books and solve the sample tests on internet.

In Ha’s experience, in order to do well at literature, she spent time reading books, watching television and studying current events in line with learning from the textbooks, thereby analyzing the problems and flexibly applying in her writing.

For maths, she concentrates on doing different exercises to memorize the formulas. In order to study well at English, she spent time watching clips on internet to practise listening skill. Besides, she often draws pictures to relax and reduce stress from studying.

Than Ngoc Ha is not only an intelligent student, she also actively takes part in other activities of the school. She won third prize at the district-level chess contest when she was at grade 7 and grade 8. With her gained scores, Ngoc Ha intends to study at Bac Giang High School for Gifted Students.

Thien Tam Fund provides long term support to impoverished students
(BGO) -  Via the Red Cross Society in Bac Giang province, Thien Tam Fund (VinGroup) has decided to mobilize the fund to provide long term support to 150 impoverished students with good academic result in 4 districts of Yen The, Tan Yen, Hiep Hoa and Lang Giang.
Male student Nguyen Van Phu overcomes obstacles to pursue passion
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3 students at Bac Giang Ngo Gia Tu College granted with German scholarships
(BGO) – The Ministry of Education and Training (Vietnam) has coordinated with the Ministry of Science and Technology at  Hessen State, WUS International University Support (Germany) to grant the scholarships to 93 students studying at the universities and colleges across Vietnam, each worth over 5 million VND (215 USD) at the Temple of Literature (Hanoi).
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Hai Van - Khoi Nguyen

3 students, Bac Giang province, high scores, high school entrance exam, share study tips, top scores, high results, intelligent student
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