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Bac Giang highly focuses to respond to Covid-19 pandemic

(BGO) – Amid the unpredictable development of several Covid-19 patients in the community across the nation, Bac Giang province has highly focused on reviewing and monitoring the health condition and strictly supervising the sources of infection.  

Order strict isolation

Implementing the Covid-19 preventive measures, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control (Steering Committee) in Bac Giang province requests all people visiting and returning from the epicenters within 14 days to make medical declaration, monitor their health condition, conduct self isolation or concentrated quarantine.

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The patient conducts medical declaration before having the health examined at the provincial General Hospital.

On July 29, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee issued the correspondence to correct the management of medical isolated cases. The Steering Board for Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control (Steering Board) in the districts and city instructed the competent agencies in the communes, wards and towns to control and seriously follow the disease preventive regulations with several effective solutions.

According to the Steering Board in Tan Yen district, the locality has the most people returning from Da Nang city with 339 cases, 18 of whom visited the places mentioned in the urgent announcement No.16 – 18 of the Ministry of Health.

6 cases with the symptoms of cough and fever in Que Nham, Ngoc Thien and Ngoc Chau communes have been isolated, treated and monitored at the district medical center. They tested negative to the novel coronavirus but are still put in strict supervision at the center.

Besides, the Steering Board in Bac Giang city on July 30 requested the communes and wards to post the announcement at the door of the families whose members returned from the disease hit area; declare the list of isolated cases together with the implemented period at the public places; broadcast on the loudspeaker system everyday to raise the public awareness of disease prevention and actively supervise at the residential area.

The province has 3,456 people returning from Da Nang city under health monitor, 130 of whom have been put in concentrated isolation site. 451 people were taken sample for tested, 343 of whom tested negative to SARS-CoV-2 virus while others are waiting for the result.

Under strict health monitor, 13 people returning from Da Nang city detected cough and fever then put in specific treatment at the medical centers in the districts of Tan Yen, Yen Dung, Lang Giang and Viet Yen. 9 cases tested negative to the virus and 3 others are waiting for the result. All the mentioned people are put under health supervision at the medical facilities.

Self prevention from each citizen

Apart from reviewing the people returning from Da Nang city, this occasion, the province has highly focused on controlling the cases immigrating and entering to Bac Giang province. The districts and city launch general review to the suspected people of illegal immigration to Vietnam or returning via unofficial and open paths while considering them as the Covid-19 suspected cases to have effectively preventive measures.

Bac Giang province, highly focuses, Covid-19 pandemic, health condition, sources of infection, strict isolation, preventive measures, medical declaration

The screeing area to the Covid-19 suspect cases at Medical Center in Tan Yen district.

As of July 30, the province housed 7,700 foreigners, 5,500 of whom are working at the provincial industrial parks. The preliminary statistic proved that nearly 9,400 local people in the province are suspected to leave the hometown illegally and 900 others are not at the localities.

The provincial Steering Committee urged 7 concentrated isolation sites to focus on controlling over the quarantined cases, especially area for the foreigners, technical experts working at the industrial parks. After completing the isolated period, these case must not be allowed to reside at the industrial parks.

The Department of Health requested the medical facilities to be ready to respond to the worst case, apply isolated treatment and take sample from any patient relating to respiratory disease for testing.

The Steering Board at all levels should deliver the risk of pandemic infection. For the personal and community health, the citizen should seriously follow the instruction from the Prime Minister, provincial authority as well as the disease preventive measure recommended by the medical sector.

Provincial Party Committee orders strict implementation of Covid-19 preventive measures at district Pary Congress
(BGO) – The Standing Board of the Bac Giang provincial Party Committee (PPC) on August 3 issued the urgent correspondence to enhance the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control when organizing the district Party Congress in tenure 2020 -2025.
Bac Giang urges people to install Bluezone to alert Covid-19
(BGO)- In order to assist the fight against Covid-19, the provincial People’s Committee of Bac Giang province has sent a correspondence requiring the units in the localities to install Bluezone App to quickly and accurately detect those having close contact with infected persons via smart phones.
Vietnam to conduct high school exam in two phases amid fresh Covid-19 outbreak
The education ministry says quarantined students and those from locked down localities can sit for the national high school exams in a later phase.
Vietnam to evacuate 400 stranded tourists from Covid-19 epicenter Da Nang
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has agreed to evacuate 400 travelers stuck in central Da Nang, Vietnam's new novel coronavirus epicenter.
Da Nang converts sports center into Covid-19 field hospital
Hundreds of construction workers are rushing to set up a 700-bed field hospital in Tien Son Sport Center of Da Nang by August 5.

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Bac Giang province, highly focuses, Covid-19 pandemic, health condition, sources of infection, strict isolation, preventive measures, medical declaration
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