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Young man with free bus for poor patients

(BGO) – For nearly one year, Nguyen Tien Vinh (born in 1992) in An Nguyen village, Cuong Son commune (Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province) has realized dozens of journeys to drive the poor patients to Hanoi for health examination and treatment.   

Vinh was born in a farmer family. In spite of the hard life, his parent still determined to let their children to school. Thus, Vinh and his younger brother Nguyen Viet Van always well behave and graduated from National Academy of Public Administration as good students.

Young man, free bus, poor patients, Bac Giang province, Nguyen Tien Vinh, health examination and treatment, hard life,  support the needy case

Nguyen Tien Vinh by his car.

Talking about the charity journeys, Vinh said: “In 2010, I knew I passed the entrance exam to the university at the same time Van was requested to have urgent heart surgery due to his heart disease. I did not ask my family for money more but found part time job to pay for my study and living because the hospital charge was costly. Unfortunately, my mother suffered from arthropathy and must stay in bed for months while my father was gastrobrosis with weak health and could not work hard. During this period, I spent time on studying and working to take care for my family. Sometimes I felt desperate but the hardest time was over thanks to the support from my family, relatives, friends and kind-hearted people”.

In late 2019, I and my brother saved an amount of 100 million VND (4,300 USD) and decided to buy an old car for travel demand. Remembering the past days when my parents were sick, we received support from the Red Cross Society, the Association of Study Encouragement, agencies and many kind-hearted people. So now I use this car to help the poor patients. I actively arrange my job at Allianz Foreign Language Center in Hanoi to pick up the patients”.

For nearly one year, Vinh has conducted dozens of free journeys to pick up poor patients in Luc Nam to Hanoi and return home.

Nguyen Thi Nhi in Phuong Hoang village, Nghia Phuong commune (Luc Nam district) is one of the patients on his free carriage said: “My family is really difficult because of my critical illness for long times. It is really hard for me on the treatment procedure. Luckily, Vinh supports my family. He is so enthusiasm to come to Nghia Phuong commune to take me to Hanoi based hospital”.

Vinh not only provides free carriages but also spent more than 3 million VND to buy necessities for patients at the “kidney failure village”in Le Thanh Nghi street (Hanoi city) when the Covid-19 widely spread.

He shared: “I am not rich but sees many people poorer than me to give them a hand. I hope that many others will join hands together to support the needy case, especially the poor patients”.

Organization and individuals accompany “Dream on the wings” programme 2020 for poor children
(BGO) – Promoting the achieved result in recent years, the Fund of Bac Giang for Children, Bac Giang Newspaper and provincial Association of Study Encouragement in Bac Giang province are joining hands to actively prepare for the 5th “Dream on the wings” Programme in 2020. 
Da Nang: Smart ‘Rice ATM’ launched to support poor people amid Covid-19 outbreak
A smart ‘Rice ATM’ was put into operation in Da Nang City on August 18 as a joint effort from the Da Nang City Red Cross Society, the VBPO Joint Stock Company and other benefactors to distribute free rice to local disadvantaged people whose lives are being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.
Poor girl wishes to stand upright just one time
(BGO) – Though Nguyen Thi Giao was born in 1987 as a normal girl in Cao Thuong town, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang Province, her body was deformed with the crooked back after a serious fever when she was 8 years old. For 25 years, Giao has dreamed of having her health checked to stand upright.
Doctors of poor people
(BGO) – Hoping to share the difficulties and burden of the poor, single and disabled people, many members of the Young Doctor Association in Bac Giang province have visited their houses to provide health examination, consultation and treatment.  
Poor family with sick child needs help
(BGO) - Tran Van Trung’s family in Tien Son village, Hop Duc commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province face difficult circumstances. They have 3 children with congenital heart disease, 2 of them died and their daughter even suffers from polyarthritis.

Hanh Nguyen

Young man, free bus, poor patients, Bac Giang province, Nguyen Tien Vinh, health examination and treatment, hard life, support the needy case
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