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Green schools in Bac Giang province

(BGO) - Building green, clean, beautiful and safe schools is one of the tasks implemented by the educational sector in the northern province of Bac Giang  in recent academic years to enhance the quality of school environment as well as the effectiveness of teaching and studying activities.

Green and friendly space

At several schools in the province, at first we are impressed by the green, clean and beautiful landscape amid the fresh and friendly spaces created by the green trees and colourful flowers.

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The fresh green space in Le Loi Primary School (Bac Giang city).

At Le Loi Primary School (Bac Giang city), the green trees cover every corners from the gate, corridor, classes’ windows and teachers’ table. Teacher Than Thi Chi who has been in charge of Headmistress for nearly 13 years said the school construction was completed in January 2008. After that, the teachers in the Administrative Board considered to plant various trees across the campus.

The school hires staff from the Bac Giang Urban Project Management Joint Stock Company to inspect and cut down the old tree’s canopy to create good shape every two years. At the same time, the school mobilizes the officers, staff and students to water the trees surrounding their class. The vibrant colours of trees and flowers help create fresh air and happiness for the teachers and students on every school day.

Similarly, Luc Nam High School is considered as a “mini park” with nearly 200 trees and colourful flowers which are arranged in small landscape. Previously, these area were empty land covered with grasses. The youth union in the school launched the movement to plant trees that drew nearly 700 students to clean up the grass and revamp the land to grow trees. Now the clean and beautiful school campus become the relax area for the teachers and students.

Forming healthy lifestyle to students

Arising from the actual demand of enhancing the quality of school environment, in September 2019, the Department of Education and Training instructed the educational facilities to build the school model with 4 criteria of green, clean, beautiful and safe.

Accordingly, the school campus must be covered with the tree system matching to the plan to avoid the empty land. Tree planting should be attached to the tasks of caring and protection while keeping the campus and school equipment clean and applying measures to ensure the safety to prevent any accident.

At the High school block, the sector takes Viet Yen No.2 High School as the exemplary model. Other districts and city must build at least one model per each level which is further widespread in the areas.

Thanks to boosting up the communication and mobilizing various supporting sources in connection with the emulation movement of the education sector, youth union and new style rural area building, there are many creative ways.

Anyone visiting Bo Ha High School (Yen The district) in July is impressed by the line of dozens of dragon fruit trees laden with fruits amid the deep green crocodile tree. Most of the kindergarten and primary schools have good spaces created by the vegetable gardens for canteen, various trees and flowers.

The school leaders consider that the model not only helps change the school landscape but also educates the students to love nature, protect the environment and form healthy lifestyle.

According to Dao Thi Huong, Vice Director of the Department of Education and Training, the Department will encourage the educational facilities to build green, clean, beautiful and safe environment in the upcoming time.

To well fulfil the task, each school should base on the students’ age and actual condition to propose suitable and practical solutions which are regularly implemented to build up the routine with close linkage to timely reward and encouragement so as to stimulate the teachers and students to join hands in environment protection.

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Green schools, Bac Giang province, beautiful and safe schools, educational sector, quality of school environment, teaching and studying activities, Green and friendly space, fresh air and happiness
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