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Youth strength in barren soil

(BGO) – Born and grown-up in the highland of Son Dong, one of the difficult districts in the northern province of Bac Giang, many local youths have nurtured high spirit to overcome the challenges and obstacles, take advantages of the policy, select their own ways to develop suitable economic models.

Following several careers to make a living, Nung ethnic youth Vi Van Bo (born in 1989) in Khuan Cau village, Dai Son commune (Son Dong district) returned to homeland to set himself up in business in 2012.

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Vi Van Bo takes care of the dragon fruit orchard.

After carefully studying the local soil and weather conditions, Bo decided to grow red dragon fruit. Thanks to the effective application of caring technique, all the crops are well developed. In late 2018, he had the first harvest, each tree yielded 55 – 60 kg of fruits which were sold at 15 – 20,000 VND per kg.

Besides, since 2019, Bo has loaned 100 million VND more (4,300 USD) from the preferential capital to support the youth’s startup managed by the provincial Youth Federation to raise 200 boxes of honey bees. Bo’s model helps bring an income of 150 million VND (6,400 USD) per year.

At the same commune of Dai Son, Dinh Thi Thien (born in 1990), Vice Secretary of the Youth Union in Khuan Cau village boldly used the preferential loan to invest in expand the fruit growing model. She also opens a shop selling veterinary medicine, animal food and plan protection products.

With the studied knowledge and gained production experiences, she and her husband instruct the locals effective method to prevent the disease on crops and animals. So, her facility is widely trusted and supported by many residents in the area. Her family’s model bring her annual benefit of 200 million VND (8,600 USD).

To promote the youth strength and creativeness in economic development, the Youth Union in Son Dong district has implemented several solutions to support the members to realize their startup idea in agriculture to bring socio-economic effectiveness.

From the movements, many local youths timely grasped the supporting policies to develop the economy, actively implemented the models and changed the difficulties into advantages.

Typically, Tay ethnic youth Nguyen Van Luc (born in 1990) in Moi village, Phuc Son commune now owns a pigeon raising model. From 10 couples of parent pigeons, he realized the idea to build a farming model after acknowledging that it is not hard to raise pigeon with open market.

So far, he has raised 700 couples of parent birds and earned 15 million VND per month from selling the commodity birds. Besides, Luc uses the leftover food to raise fish and duck.

Or Ngoc Van Vien (born in 1989) in Thuong village, Long Son commune now owns biggest gecko raising model in the district. Apart from selling the parent gecko and commodity products, Vien invested in a facility to process the products from the black gecko.

According to the Secretary of the district Youth Union Hoang Thi Ngan, now the district has 80 economic models owned by the local youths with average income of 80 – 100 million VND per year as well as dozens of working groups and linkage groups participated by the youth members.

To support the youths’ startup, the Youth Union in the province and Son Dong district have organized many activities to accompany them such as talkshow “Lighting up the startup dream”, training course for technical delivery, tour to visit and study experiences from effective economic models...

Also, the youth union consulted the local authority to issue supporting mechanism and policy to facilitate the youth’s access to preferential loan.

Since 2018, the district Youth Union has reviewed and instructed dozens of youths to make profile to ask for preferential loan to expand the production and business models. Now the district has 6 economic development models owned by the youth which were provided preferential loan for startup of 100 million VND per model.

In spite of several difficulties, the youth owned models help the local young people escape from the poverty sustainably to overcome the challenges in life to attach to and get rich on the homeland.

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Solutions conducted to support Bac Giang youth’s startup
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Youth strength, Bac Giang province, barren soil, highland of Son Dong, suitable economic models, socio-economic effectiveness, get rich on the homeland
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