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High school uses 3D technology to teach maths

Le Quy Don High School in HCM City on Tuesday began using 3D technology to teach mathematics for 11th grade classes.

According to the municipal Department of Education and Training, the school is the first in the city to use machines with interactive screens, projectors and 3D glasses to teach maths.

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Students at Le Quy Don High School learn mathematics with 3D technology.

Ha Huu Thach, the school rector told that the 3D projection room was put into use at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Many schools have also been using 3D technology to show documentary films to support the teaching of social sciences such as history and geography.

The equipment is especially helpful in teaching subjects such as spatial geometry, Thạch said.

Nguyen Hoang Thanh Truc, a maths teacher, said that lessons use real-life situations.

“Students encounter the problem of cross-section of shapes, for example, in real life in fields such as mechanics, engineering and others. The school’s team of maths teachers designed a lesson with 3D technology, helping students to observe visually and vividly the cross-section of shapes,” Truc said.

Compared to teaching in 2D format on paper, 3D lessons require teachers to spend time studying and finding tools that convert 2D to 3D format to display on the projector screen.

At first, teachers had difficulty because not all 3D formats are compatible with 3D glasses. However, with perseverance and a trial teaching period, the teachers were able to complete the 3D lesson plan.

After the first lesson with 3D software, many students said they were excited about studying. The shapes in space were no longer abstract and ambiguous on paper, but instead were animated.

In the coming time, the school will continue use the 3D format in other subjects such as chemistry and biology.

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High school, 3D technology, teach maths, 11th grade classes, interactive screens, 3D projection room, social sciences, teaching subjects
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