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Nguyen Thi Sau really needs help from community

(BGO)- He son slipped into a deep coma due to a traffic accident and her husband suddenly died on the way home from hospital after took care of his son. The shocked news continuously came making Nguyen Thi Sau in Ha Am village, Cao Xa commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province seem to be collapsed. 

Just in a short time, Sau lost her husband and possibly her son. Previously, in an evening of September, her son named Nguyen Dat Phuc (born in 1995) got traffic accident on the way for night shift at Dinh Tram industrial park in Viet Yen district causing traumatic brain injury and he slipped into deep coma.

Nguyen Thi Sau, really needs help, community support, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, traumatic brain injury, economic difficulties

Nguyen Thi Sau and her husband’s portrait.

Although he underwent an operation and intensive treatment with an expense of hundreds of millions VND, Phuc has still lost consciousness while a part of his brain is kept in Viet Duc Hospital for transplantation. When his son was in hospital, her husband and she had to take care of their son alternatively. On 3 November on the way home from the hospital to Viet Lap commune, Nguyen Dat Tha (Sau’ husband) crashed into a car and he died.

Their house was under construction when Sau’s husband and son encountered incidents. They have 2 sons Phuc and Thong who have not got married. When Phuc was a small child, he got congenital heart disease. After Phuc was cured in stable health condition, his elder brother got kidney disease and he had to undergo treatment for many years. Hence, their family faced economic difficulties.

In recent years when their elder son gets a job, they have saved money to build a new house to have more spaces for their sons after getting married. Their house was started building in this April. As they did not have much money, they built the house by themselves with support from their relatives.

After they partly finished the house, their sons asked them to go to work but Phuc got accident after half a month. After 1 month in Viet Duc hospital with a big expense of 14 million VND (604 USD) per day, Phuc is still in Intensive Care Department of the provincial General Hospital and in very bad health condition now.

Her husband suddenly passed away leaving her with the ill son while their house is under construction with the debt up to some hundreds of millions VND. This weak woman has to become head of the family. Although she is extremely hurt, she tries to hold back her tears to stand strong when thinking about her sons.

Sau really needs sharing and support from the community. Any support should be sent to Nguyen Thi Sau at Ha Am village, Cao xa commune, Tan Yen district or Nguyen Dat Thong’s bank account No. 1015827683 at Vietcombank or Giap Thi Hien, Chairwoman of the Red Cross Society of Tan Yen district at bank account No. 2506 205 261 850 at Agribank Tan Yen branch.

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Nguyen Thi Sau, really needs help, community support, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, traumatic brain injury, economic difficulties
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