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Remote examination and treatment: Connecting multiple levels, increasing treatment efficiency

(BGO) - With the goal of creating an unlimited medical network between levels, over the past time, the health sector has implemented a remote medical examination and treatment model. Accordingly, patients undergo medical checkups at grassroots-level health facilities but still receive diagnosis and treatment regimen by leading specialists at the central level.

Treating many difficult cases

Implementing the remote examination and treatment project in the 2020 – 2025 period of the Ministry of Health, from October 2020, the Department of Health of Bac Giang province has required hospitals and medical centers to arrange human resources and install a system of inter-connected examination, consultation and operating rooms.

Remote examination and treatment, Bac Giang province, connecting multiple levels, increasing treatment efficiency, unlimited medical network

Conducting arterial surgery for a patient with occupational accident at the provincial General Hospital after online consultation with experts from Viet Duc Hospital.

The provincial health sector has set a target of providing remote medical examination and treatment so that all people get medical advice, examination and treatment; medical facilities receive regular and extraordinary professional support from central-level hospitals; people can use quality medical services from higher levels right at local medical facilities. 

At the beginning, the project prioritised investment in specialties such as cardiology, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, infectious diseases, and oncology.

Benefiting from the satellite hospital project, the provincial General Hospital installed an online consultation system with a number of central-level hospitals many years ago. Implementing the remote medical examination and treatment project, in October 2020, the hospital installed the online system Telehealth provided by Viettel Group on the basis of the satellite hospital project's online consultation system. 

It currently has consultation and operating rooms connected with major hospitals such as Viet Duc, E, Bach Mai and University of Medicine. In addition, the unit will conduct emergency consultation in urgent cases to promptly save patients’ life.

Improving quality of medical examination and treatment

According to doctor Than Trong Hung, Director of the provincial General Hospital, in regular consultation sessions, in addition to dealing with specific cases, higher-level doctors will provide treatment methods and online training to help their local colleagues to recognize clinical signs and read test results and imaging diagnostics. Patients also feel more secure because they know that there is a team, including many leading experts, who are researching and offering the best treatment for them.

Among 1,000 establishments registering for remote medical examination and treatment nationwide in the period 2020 - 2025, Bac Giang province has 16 hospitals and medical centers. Now, two units - the provincial General Hospital and the Bac Giang Women’s and Children’s Hospital - have a system of examination, consultation and operating rooms linked to the central-level units.

At the Medical Centers of Son Dong and Yen The districts, Viettel Group is installing remote consultation and treatment systems. The remaining units are coordinating with Viettel Bac Giang to install equipment for operation from January 2021.

As facilities, equipment, human resources and techniques in some district health centers are yet to keep pace with the development of modern medicine, through the online Telehealth system, provincial and central hospitals will support lower-level medical centers in performing a number of new services and techniques for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

For some groups of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and systemic lupus erythematosus, patients can be examined from afar, thus lengthening the time for direct re-examination.

Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the Department of Health said: "In the coming time, the remote examination and treatment project will continue to invest in specialties: Emergency and resuscitation, respiratory, urology, neurology, exocrine, dermatology and venerology, and odonto-stomatology. This is a new form of medical examination and treatment, so the Department of Health requires all units to equip an effective information technology platform with multi-level connections serving medical examination and treatment".

Bac Giang provides free health examination to the poor
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18 health workers honored for donating blood to save patients
(BGO) – The Department of Health in Bac Giang province on September 28 presented a sudden reward to doctor Nguyen Tien Thanh (born in 1991), General  Department of Surgery (Medical Center in Yen The district, Bac Giang province). 

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Remote examination and treatment, Bac Giang province, connecting multiple levels, increasing treatment efficiency, unlimited medical network
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